Why Is Libra Unsuperable

    Do you know why they can't and won't get over you in Libra life? Because it takes a thousand lives and more to get to have all the goodness and good vibes within you. You are one of those souls that enter and silently leaves Libra's footprint, but an indelible, insurmountable footprint and very difficult to let go of because you are the difference; you are that which breaks with all the established Libra; you are the key to the health happiness, and if you don't know, well look, you already know.

    They will never be able to overcome you, Libra, because they will never be able to find that peace that they liked so much about you.

    They will never be able to feel that calm. That inexplicable positivity when they were by your side ... seriously, Libra, you are like a talisman. This amulet distributes good vibes and always looks on the bright side. You are light, Libra,d that is truly second to none.

    All the people who love you badly, Libra, will rage from afar and be blinded by the light you unravel along the way.

    They will have to settle for seeing you shine from afar because that is a perfect punishment for people who do not believe in you and believe they can surpass you. That is the perfect punishment because they will see you triumph, but they will not be able to touch you; that is Libra, you are great because you advance, because you know how to forgive, even if you do not forget, walk (except for the damn keys) you are a very pure soul that prefers to advance and continue growing, to go back and stop adding. You are great, Libra because you have become great. You are great because your personality is a great scale, and nobody can turn off that smile you have and that light that characterizes you so much. You are second to none.