Why Libra Can't Let Go?

    It takes Libra a life and a half to say goodbye to something or someone and close that stage in his life. Libra wins the award for the most empathic person of all, and that, when saying goodbye, is a quality that slows him down a lot. The scale is not a big fan of goodbyes, but it is even less so if life's causes must force them. What kinds of causes? Very easy: falsehood. Libra people often fail with their radar several times, especially when interacting with people who appear to be something they are not. Libra does not let go because Libra does not give up. He does not like to feel the feeling of emptiness inside his heart because he does not want to be responsible for the abandonment and because he knows that later, at night at home, when everything is silent, remorse will appear and will do its thing. Libra eats his head at night much more than anyone imagines; if he sleeps three hours in a row, it is a miracle because if at that time he has doubts, guilt, and a feeling of extreme fear, Libra does not sleep; no he thinks clearly, he does not eat properly and no, he does not have a good time.
    Libra does not let go for a simple reason: it is not fear, it is not cowardice and no, it is not because it is in their yuppie world and does not find out about anything (that is a legend because LIBRA finds out about everything, everything, everything) Libra clings because Libra needs to have warmth around, because he does not want to come home and see loneliness in all its glory, because it hurts to feel a huge emptiness and not have someone to tell.
    Libra, even if he knows that a person is doing him wrong, even if he knows his personality and knows what pasta it is made of, he holds out many more times than he should for the simple fact of not having to say GOODBYE.