Why Libra Don't Want a Serious Relationship

    Libra, now you don't want to start a serious relationship because commitment terrifies you. 

    Thus, without further ado. You do not like feeling that your wings are being clipped and that you are pressured to be someone you are not. You are a person who gets quite overwhelmed when he sees love appear, and you need your time to digest it. It does not mean that you do not like to formalize a relationship, but you will do it when you are sure everything will go as you wish.

    You have many doubts and are usually quite indecisive, so now you do not want to lock yourself in a serious relationship.

    Until all the doubts are resolved and your mind decides, you will stay as you are. In addition, it overwhelms you a lot when they invade your space, and if you do not want that when formalizing the relationship with the other person, they do not know where your limits are and invade your privacy. You are a person who is always looking for new experiences and new adventures.

    Thinking about commitment and a serious relationship terrifies you because you think you will no longer live the life you had before. 

    You still do not want to start any serious relationship because you have not found that person with whom you feel can be just the way you are. Not afraid of what he will say. Without being aware that you do not panic when you show your essentials.

    You need to know that person very well and know their intentions.

    Until you find someone like that, you prefer remaining single to wasting your time with someone with whom you can not even enjoy. And even when it seems that you have everything clear, it is difficult for you to take the step and prefer that of the other person. You prefer not to risk too much just in case you fail, and everything goes wrong.