Why Libra Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

It is true that we are in your time, Libra, and that it seems that things are starting to go better than before. But these last days you feel like more reflective and more off, not because of anything in particular, if not because you are a little tired of your life and the people around it. You are a little tired of always being the one who listens to others and then nobody listens to you.

You’re getting tired of being so good to others and then they don’t even thank you. You feel unmotivated and a little more thoughtful than necessary.

You feel like you need more time for yourself and to enjoy your solitude. You do not feel alone, because you know that you have many people around you, but you feel that none of those can understand you. But don’t worry, Libra, this is only temporary. And it better be, because it is your time and there is no use wasting your time thinking about something like that.

And to get out of all this, the energy of the full moon on October 9 will come in handy. Now the moon is in Libra and you will be the sign that receives the most energy. Take advantage of all that energy to give a door to those negative thoughts that haunt your head. It’s not worth it and you know it yourself.

Take advantage of everything that the full moon will give you to feel much more secure with yourself and to learn to be much more patient in those moments when you despair. Take advantage of that energy to take risks because you really need it. To leave those bad habits behind and to get out of your comfort zone. Libra, the only reason you’ve been feeling a little duller these days has been because of the damn moon. But it will also be the moon that makes you feel more alive than ever.