Why Libra Is Considered as the Most Authentic Sign

    You can go from worry and uncertainty to clarity and positivity in less than a Libra rooster crows, and that's truly mind-boggling. Some people get stuck in one part, or the good or the bad, but you swim in both parts, merge everything, make a perfect cocktail of emotions, and learn to deal with both the positive and the negative. A cry because of a problem for you is not bad because the best smiles are born from it, and thanks to the crying, you vent and make your character calm down and get into quiet mode ...

    I wish and your character was contagious like a Libra virus, because happiness would take on a lot of meaning and people would surely smile more.

    It's nice to deal with people like you, even if you don't even know how you feel on a specific day, or even if you don't know how you're going to get up and what the character of today is going to be.

    It is not that you are a changeable Libra, it is that you are very emotional and your character reflects your illusions, your fears, your concerns and even the concerns, fears and illusions of others.

    You are like a very soft sponge that absorbs all the emotions in the environment and that is reflected a lot in your Libra character, it affects you, it ends up taking its toll. But you like putting yourself in the other person's place and being able to alleviate people, know their stories, know more about everything, investigate experimentsჴ€¦. But is your character all peace, harmony, roses, pink petals, and cotton candy? Not. What do they think, Libra? Do they think you have no courage? Well, obviously, yes, you have it and very, very strong. Your most unknown, carnal, most dangerous, and most intense character comes to light when you see an injustice in the life of someone you hold dear.

    When they touch you something that is yours, you abandon the character so soft and tender as a kindly pussycat and you allow yourself to be carried away by the most protective, determined, strong and even dangerous Libra instinct. 

    There is no one who blows you, beats you, and can knock you down when you decide to take out the claws of your character to defend something or someone you support to death; you do not think twice,e and that makes you a wonderful person.