Why Libra Is Too Soft Heart

    The prize for the softest heart should go to you, Libra, you are the person with the most compassion towards others, and you know it. Look at Libra; even if you wish all the bad in the world on someone, you know that deep down, you don't want it. Your heart hits you very hard every time you do or are going to do something bad or something that goes against your principles.

    Although you know that you should be a much worse person with many people being taken advantage of, you do not do it; you do not lower yourself to their level; you do not put yourself at their level because you do not have a bad heart.

    You never give others what you don't like to be given; if you have to defend yourself, you do it with arguments, with a lot of intelligence, and with your backs well covered. You do it with justice, polite treatment, and without any lies and betrayals from behind. Many people accuse you for that very reason, for not getting wet, for not acting like the rest, for letting your emotions take over you ... Why Aquarius Has Too Soft Heart

    Many foolish and foolish people confuse your emotionality with vulnerability. SERIOUS ERROR. 

    They underestimate the scale; they think they know everything about you, they can handle you for having such a soft heart ... some people still live in ignorance, Libra; there is no better masterstroke than being who you are, matter what you think others. Libra, you make it easy to be a good person, really, by your side, it looks so simple, but at the same time so difficult to achieve ... Because Libra, you know that like your heart, there are not two. Soft is a while, but unique and insurmountable, it is more. Hopefully and more people like you. I wishჴ€¦