Why Libra Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    You prefer to be alone rather than in bad company, Libra because you are tired of not finding that person who completes your heart 100%. You are fed up with people only looking for themselves and not realizing that there are many more people in the world. For this reason, now you will do the same as they do. Right now, you would rather love yourself than love others. You're going to do very well doing that. Right now, you will invest the time you invested in others to take care of yourself and listen to yourself whenever you need it. No one is going to give you better advice than yourself, Libra.

    You are not going to be selfish, a Libra would never be selfish, but he is simply going to pay attention to people who deserve it. To those people who are always by your side, no matter what happens, there will only be room for them in your life.

    You have grown tired of false hopes that will come to nothing in the end. You are tired of them making a future with you, but they disappear at the slightest change. You'd rather be alone than belief in people who later don't show you anything.

    You know that in the future you want to fall in love and do not lose hope that you will find THAT person, but you are not in a hurry, so now you prefer to be alone. 

    Not being in a hurry does not mean you will waste your time with anyone because it will not be like that. You have better things to do now than wasting time with someone who does not give you anything. To fall in love, Libra, you need to find someone you trust who gives you the space you need and prefers to be alone in bad company.