cancer monthly horoscope


    Sun and Pluto tension the area in self-love, creativity, your spark of life or even your marriage. Try not to get carried away by negativity and distrust, as this is like a poison for any kind of relationship. Have the courage to talk, directly, ready for whatever comes and comes! The Full Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn while the Sun is in Cancer. Such a placement favors your feelings and desires that pulsate much stronger and it is possible for you to see everything more clearly. It will be great to renew your confidence in the greatness of love. In life for two, no big news. If a twist appears, it will have been due to inappropriate words or out of time. Do not stretch the gum; the best thing to do is apologize. If you are married or have a partner, your domestic initiatives may be noticed. Your emotional and temperamental way will make you, in a reserved way, think about details in life together. A certain emotional responsibility is like a massage in the heart of the one you love. Among his friends and family, his company is always very well appreciated. You have noble gestures and a lot of empathy. This will make them want to spend most of their time with you. Including your partner. In some situations you will need to give in. It won't always be a thousand wonders, know how to renounce.


    Don't just wait for good news related to legal matters in general. Try to avoid resentment, hasty judgments and excessive victimization, as the results can still be reversed; have more patience. Don't be impressed by the judgments or envy of colleagues, continue your walk. Follow your heart and continue to be the protagonist of your life. What seemed impossible, will be gradually surpassed by your work. With diplomacy you can build strategies to move forward with more security and tranquility, new horizons will open and you will have a more comprehensive view of things. With more information, your professional and social performance will certainly improve. Your professional life calls for more daring to test new limits.


    Always, at some point, we will learn something from life. Mercury will be well aspected by Neptune and Jupiter, so you will be able to communicate more clearly without being misunderstood. Your psychic and emotional sensitivity will be enhanced and you will be able to see things that no one else sees. And you will benefit from your own intuitions and draw conclusions on your own. Mystical or esoteric subjects will be inspirational for reflection. Your capacity for physical and mental strength can be used in various activities. You will be able to develop more skillfully in sports. Due to Mercury's influence this month, you may learn, perhaps, a new language. And in this way, in addition to being able to expand his social circle, he will be able to stand out among his friends. This month she may be more restless due to the high adrenaline rush. They crave new information. Thanks to Mercury, too, you will be closer to realizing your goals. Just beware of excessive worry or anxiety. If it is difficult, keep the frequency in a pleasurable activity.