gemini monthly horoscope


    You will need to develop more tolerance and patience in socializing with everyone. Setbacks will arise, demanding more flexibility to be able to manage them. Think carefully before saying words that could hurt your family members and your closest relationships. It is possible that possible suitors will approach, your glow will show your personal self-confidence. Enjoy every moment and don't ignore opportunities to meet someone cool or even your great love. In the last days of the month, you may feel more emotionally sensitive, as you will tend to hide certain emotions and, if you don't know how to express them, you may feel uncomfortable. Try not to take it out on others or those closest to you, it will be better to learn to deal with your emotions.


    Mercury in trine with Saturn will enhance studies, business and your social networks. When you spread your knowledge, you will be able to identify your role in society by being more aware of your actions and social purposes. Interesting opportunities for new encounters, travel, new friendships and enriching your social cycle can happen at this stage. Changing habits will bring a pleasant feeling of freedom. Beware of overspending and unplanned. To get professional recognition, you need to act with more grit and courage. Sitting on the fence will not attract a definite goal. Creativity will be essential, go ahead. You will be very eager for changes in your career. Assuming a defined and more targeted posture, you can extract good results. Creating possible mental situations will only make you overthink something that doesn't require so much effort. Listening to intuitions at the moment of decision can bring great solutions. Take advantage of the last days of this phase to interact socially, watch lives, promote your work or trade on social media. If you have legal issues, you can now get the good financial results you expected.


    You are likely to have special support from friends, who are like your guardian angels on this life's journey. Never fail to remember that gratitude is the best answer you can give them. At the beginning of the month, Moon and Jupiter in harmony will bring benefits to your family life, receive friends or even meet different people. A quick trip to a still unknown place can be very favorable, adding more pleasure and quality of life. Perhaps some confusing situation arises in domestic life. But it will be possible to reverse, always with good humor and flexibility. Don't take anything too seriously during this period. Perhaps you can try to do some activity beyond your capacity, due to the strong influence of Mercury. You can also make a big dream or wish come true. It all depends on how the planets will reflect in your birth chart. Thanks to your communicative, creative and humorous way you can achieve great results in this period. Around the second half of the month, it will be possible to come across failures in the internet or in electronic artifacts of daily use. With some help and a lot of patience, you will find short solutions. This is a phase in which you can surround yourself with friends and exchange favors or experiences, go out to socialize and put into practice new activities in a group or in the company of someone.