leo monthly horoscope


    The Waning Moon and the entry of Venus in Cancer make this cycle beneficial to better deal with your feelings and your home life. Try to avoid arguments, face people who think differently from you. This will be more wear and tear to get through. Month of warmth and harmony. You will be really willing to meet new people, the timing will be ideal. You will be patient enough to listen to even the least interesting person. Try not to forget your partner, busy only with friends or casual encounters. If it's compromised, you'll also need a private moment to enjoy each other's company. If you don't find this time, it's not his fault. Really you will be more open to the general public, not observing that the moment for two is necessary. This will be a period of a lot of sensuality and sexuality due to Mars being in the sign of Taurus and it will continue a little longer. You are willing to live the best of an intimate loving relationship. You can choose a weekend or a period and dedicate especially to love and passion, it will be like a dose of renewal. After all, an intimate moment with a hint of novelty can spice up the relationship.


    Mars in Taurus proposes more energy at work, generating more productivity, willingness to build with organization and planning, no fuss. Mercury returned to direct motion. Theories are useless if you don't apply them both to accomplish and to change something. He goes ahead with focus and determination. Your material impulses will value extra income. You are willing to make more features come in. And you will be more focused for that to happen. Investments can be more assertive and focused on the comfort of your home.


    Difficult news can leave you feeling down, but that mood will pass quickly. July has arrived to calm down, you will let life flow smoothly. You will effectively realize that you cannot be in control of everything and you will allow yourself to live more in the present and one day at a time. She will probably be sought after among her friends, for a chat and to get her advice. You will be more empathetic and willing to listen. It will be a period where you can meet a great friend or someone very important. It is a month of great importance for closer link building. The phase of optimism and confidence in life is still on the rise. Philosophical, metaphysical or spiritual matters must gain a deeper dimension in your daily life; see all of these as special opportunities. You will be with your spirit lighter and happier with the passage of Mercury in Leo. Ideas flow more clearly and vividly, her presence of mind enchants everyone. Excellent for a leisurely stroll or quick trip. The New Moon in Leo brings moments of introspection, leaving your vital energy focused on internal or personal matters. It is a positive situation and you can ask yourself: "Who am I? Where am I going?" From time to time, it is important to have these reflections and see if it is necessary to change direction or if more speed is committed, if it decreases. It is important to reflect on the choices, some can be changed, or made aware.