libra monthly horoscope


    Affective frustrations and annoyances can change your mood and make you pessimistic. It's all part, everyone, one day, has had to hear a no. Learn to give in and keep in mind that it will pass. That the "yes" will come! This month for love and matters of the heart, there will be less emphasis on this area. Social engagements and friendships will be higher. For singles, it's a great opportunity to flirt and go out to socialize. Friends will be encouraging you to find the ideal match and they will even be able to shoot some arrows around to give you that little help. Not that you need to, but everything will work together for you to sign vows with someone. Even with a person who, in addition to being a friend, can be much more than that. Nowadays, for a certain coexistence, the standards are almost unattainable. You don't want to invest your time with a person who isn't going to attract you in all the areas that you deem necessary to have your heart. But this cannot be a point to demand from the other, it must be something you don't accept less than that. The idea is to define what you are looking for and not demand from the other what he does not have to offer. You definitely don't want and aren't willing to keep anyone by your side, you want something more, something you can really share with. You are more idealistic than usual.


    Uranus in Taurus receives favorable aspects from the Sun and Mercury, who is in Cancer in your professional house. Movement and requests in social life will stimulate your projection. Lua Cheia will favor your disclosures in your work and on your social media. If it weren't for visionary and daring beings, our life would always be the same. Following your impulses of creativity and courage, having the pleasure of being free in your way of being and thinking on your own, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars will join forces to stimulate points in your life, which need attitude and active force to obtain more earnings. Your career will, in a way, be boosted. And if you network on several occasions, you can achieve great returns.


    Mercury is trine Saturn sextile Mars. Your joviality and curiosity will be highlighted, with the need to materialize your ideas. Great for writing, learning, or passing on your knowledge. Mercury makes tense aspects to Uranus and Saturn, which translates into difficulty communicating properly and objectively. Try to exercise discernment and clarity in your words and, above all, your values. The Moon's influence will potentiate his emotions. You will be able to manage situations and you will be able to find a balance in it. Getting involved in group activities or in some creative activity can turn your eyes from admiration to what you managed to accomplish. Don't sabotage yourself or underestimate your ability. You may be surprised and so will others. If, by any chance, you have been feeling pain or discomfort in your back, try to evaluate your posture by adapting exercises that will help you at this point in addition to improving your quality of life.