pisces monthly horoscope


    Now, Sun and Mercury are in the sign of Cancer, rocking your love life. Leave the excuses of work and studies behind and try to have more fun. Romanticism never goes out of style and now you will have a chance to live a great love. Beware of impulsive words. A word thrown is like an arrow, it doesn't come back. If you can take a walk with your love outdoors with activities that you like in common, you can exchange enriching experiences.


    Mercury will streamline your routine, everything will be more intense and faster. Pay more attention to your financial life. Avoid impulse spending or investments, as extra expenses may arise during these days. The plans already outlined for your work may change, generating discouragement and disappointment in your state of mind. Every victory presupposes difficulties and continuous effort; lift your head and follow. Opportunities for new jobs may arise. But creativity here will be very necessary. When applying for a job, keep in mind that it will no longer be a number. Be willing to make a difference, believe in your potential and don't underestimate yourself. Earnings will be higher this month. As you take care of your health, you can make unexpected gains. When you work for the prosperity of others in the coming months from the 21st of this month, you can see that yours will come too. You will be tested against your earnings. As your resources will come, they will put you to the test. Stay tuned.


    Try to avoid exchanging opinions, at some point you may be cutting and others may take this behavior very seriously. If you can invest more time in creative activities, you can be usefully distracted. In terms of sports and physical activities, he will be developing very well. Try to balance your moods with your body's impulses in a fruitful way. Your sensitivity will be much sharper, and everything can lead to fire and iron. A small situation can make you unstable and vulnerable to certain types of feelings. Rescue animals, or support them in some way, can inspire your instinct for protection and balance, knowing the real needs of a living being, providing what is needed, will further sharpen your strong power of perception. Everything is slower due to some planets in retrogradation, it's not your fault. The world is slow. If you benefit from life's delays, let it be for your own benefit. The fact that you prioritize others will now be very important, much more than your self prioritization. All good will come through others, the exchange will be remarkable. You need to be okay with your own personal harmony, focus on it, and structure your family foundations. It is likely that you feel more like taking care of your home, beautifying corners of the house that have more to do with you. The planet Venus in the fourth house can underscore this. You will be much more empathetic, you will be strongly influenced by your emotions. Watch your instincts when making decisions. Intuition can speak loudly, but your impulses can be different.