sagittarius monthly horoscope


    Family life is pleasant and encourages happy conversations, especially with brothers and dear cousins. Beware of excesses! Interfering in the lives of children, lovers, husband, boyfriend will be nothing positive. The influence of the planet Saturn may affect how you demand certain types of personal values. It will be good that, in this period, you can review your relationships, perhaps starting with yourself. Some attitudes will not always favor you only, but the relationship. Have you been thinking of the relationship as an opportunity for exchange and evolution? If not, it might be better to invest in your own company. Love for yourself is a wonderful thing. It is possible that you are going through a detoxification phase, due to previous relationships. Not always being with someone is synonymous with love. Sometimes what you need is a good dose of self-love. At the beginning of the month, the weather will be hotter, which will last until the middle of the month.


    Sun and Mercury make good aspects to Uranus. Informal partnership relationships tend to bear good fruit, as ideas converge towards common interests. Mercury receives tense aspects these days, demanding a lot of concentration and maturity from you to know how to deviate from the things that lead to dispersion. Only assume what you can do and delegate part of the work to someone you trust. Beware of oversights, every detail will lead you to your main focus. Several ideas may surprise your customers or superiors, in a hierarchical journey. Your hard work will be greatly appreciated. Don't let anyone get your hopes up or affect your encouragement to move forward in what you believe in. Success is always close, if you are conditioned by some company, you can succeed in some promotion. Everything that involves higher education, try to follow and specialize, your financial success also depends on how you take it to the end. Your sense of worth will be very material, and you will increasingly seek these values. Beware of imbalance.


    Timely to organize your routine, documents, arrange meetings and productive meetings. Avoid overeating. Moment of inspiration and clarity in what he set out to do. Sagittarius is in a hurry to make it happen, but there's no use in rushing if the details come to haunt you in the future. The ideal is to follow at a higher speed, without losing sight of what is essential. Because your self-esteem is increasing, you can come across as arrogant. Try to expose your life with some moderation; not always those who see you, cheer in your favor and too much joy on social media, it will not always be synonymous with happiness. Control moods and live more intensely instead of focusing on what others will think. If you're worried about who assists you, try to make a positive impact. If family problems brought tension some time ago and still haven't been resolved, wait for the time, we don't always have all the answers. If you need or want to travel, try to choose dates after July 8th. Your judgment may be influenced by your emotions. Mercury in Cancer will bring this about, making you more sensitive. Which actually has its good side. People will feel good around you.