taurus monthly horoscope


    Some situations in affective life can get complicated. The Moon is in Virgo, accentuating skepticism and one-sided judgments that fuel debates, so think carefully before you speak. You will be interested in several places. It is very likely that you want to travel, live new adventures, flirt, and meet new people to relate to. In extreme cases, having only one partner will not satisfy you. If you are in a deep relationship with someone, your partner will be able to share many interesting ideas to satisfy you. The Full Moon in Capricorn, while the Sun is in Cancer, sensitizes feelings and desires, pulsating stronger and you see everything with more clarity and meaning. It is time to renew your confidence in the greatness of love.


    The professional sector is activated and important changes will imply in its attitude towards what it intends to do. Mercury energizes your family relationships, so it would be interesting to minimize conflicts involving inheritances or real estate. What you decide must be in line with the harmony of the whole. In the professional sector, it will be important to expose your ideas, knowing that some criticism may arise. That can't stop you from continuing. When opening your ideas, it is the invitation for others to add. But the decision will always be yours. Don't be discouraged and don't be rude. Everything has a reason and soon you will know the ideal moment to apply everything with vehemence. Trine Mercury and Saturn in Gemini and Aquarius, respectively, will enhance your career and work. Control your impulses to spend less than you should, so you don't compromise your monthly budget. Organize your expenses, so you can reap more efficient returns.


    Be on the lookout for your impatience and aggression towards your peers. Don't think and don't put yourself as a victim of circumstances, because then you will end up renouncing to take the reins of your choices. The Crescent Moon moves your life in a positive and balanced way. Take advantage of the period to have leisure, have fun or take a few days of vacation. Good chances of meeting significant people that you haven't seen for a long time. This month will be a month of great harmony for Taurus. You will feel comfortable with everything around you, making you enjoy every moment. Through your sensitivity, which will be more exposed, your family members will be able to count on you emotionally, to which you will serve as support. Enjoy empathy and be the best you can be for your loved ones. You will be full of vigor and physical disposition to give and sell, don't waste your time, go enjoy with your friends. Beware of possible muscle injuries, and try to stretch before and after exercising. This month, you will be in awe of yourself, more aware of the things that are not within your reach. You cannot control everything and you recognize that. Try to meditate, read or create some artistic work, so you can get to know yourself, and explore paths in spirituality. You remain stubborn but more practical and determined than ever. You miss something that you may find in the paths of self-knowledge.