virgo monthly horoscope


    In love, you will be driven by your sexual desires and instincts. You will feel like spicing up your relationship. You will be more open to talking about subjects that you used to consider taboo. In this way, you will be able to extract the best from self-knowledge, benefiting not only you, but your intimate relationships. Your sexual appetite will be evident, as will your impulses. So if you are in any relationship, make the most of it. Your partner will love your effort and will respond accordingly. In relation to your loved ones, such as family members, you will be more affectionate too.


    The professional sector remains heated; Mercury returns to direct motion, so there can be large flows of information that are being passed back and forth correctly. Knowledge and technological resources should leverage special opportunities in your work or studies. Your mind will be more receptive to news. Beware of excessive and unnecessary spending. Today's pleasures can be tomorrow's headaches. When the Full Moon is in Leo, it will be suggestive for fruitful and creative introspection. By the second fortnight, mixed feelings about your actions or impulses, as they are vague and hazy. Try not to make decisions because later on, you will be able to cross this kind of ჴ€?bubbleჴ€? and feel clearer-minded. The good use of technology will be very useful when it comes to earnings. As said, in relation to feelings, try to avoid taking any sides when you are emotionally devastated, sad, upset, angry. As usual, the results are not generally good and in this case, which may reflect in financial losses, it is better to wait for the climate to improve.


    Try to pay more attention to family members. Good cycle for health treatments, massages, rest and leisure to restore your vital energy. You will be more self-confident, believing that everything you've been doing is the best you can do. And so you evolve in relation to being more satisfied with what you do. Just be careful not to hurt anyone and you'll get the best return from this period. When meeting new people, you may have a certain impatience, exposing a certain arrogance. Don't be so rigid in your judgments, you could miss out on great opportunities. It will provide a tendency to nervousness and irritability that can and should be controlled. Don't underestimate the intelligence of others. Listen better to what others have to suggest or criticize, without necessarily staying in a bubble of tension. If you underestimate other people's abilities or attitudes towards you, you can be unfair. In the Waning Moon in the sign of Taurus, it will be a great time to go on a quick food detox diet, as well as to take care of your body and well-being, get acupuncture or receive an invigorating massage. Overworking and worrying about what's late at work or studies can affect the rest of your routine in the last days of this cycle. Don't swim against the current, relax; your effort will not change the situation itself. Everything has the right time to happen. Favorable time to promote residential improvements.