Calculate the Life Number and Its Meaning

The Life Number is determined based on the date of birth. Learn to calculate it and know its meaning in Numerology.

To calculate the number of Life (aka Number of Way of LifeNumber Lesson for Life, or birth number ), you need only know the full date of birth. This number represents and reflects the inner potential of each person. When we feel insecure or lost, our Life Number can help us find the right path. This number also reveals the innate talents and abilities of the person.

What the Life Path Number Means

Our Life Number represents the inner potential of each one of us. It reveals our innate talents and abilities, our mission in Life, and the opportunities and challenges we encounter along the way. It is the force behind everything we do that motivates us in our actions and reveals what we can explore and discover in our earthly passage.

How Knowing Your Birth Number Can Help

Knowing your Life Number will give you a better understanding of yourself, where you come from, what motivates you, and your basic instinctual nature. This self-knowledge can be of great use when you have to make important decisions in Life. Knowing your true inner nature will make it easier to choose between several options, and even if you are forced to pursue a second option, you will know what you need to do to adapt and be flexible. In addition to determining your basic nature, calculating the Life Number of other people also allows you to get an overview of their nature, as long as you know their dates of birth. Knowing what motivates others, professionally and emotionally, will make relationships more fluid, strong, and harmonious.

Calculate Life Number

The Life Number is calculated based on the date and time of birth. To calculate the Life Number, add the day, month, and year of birth, separating all the digits. For example, if you were born on April 2, 1971, do the calculation as follows: 2 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 24 Then you reduce the result to a single digit: 2 + 4 = 6 In this example, the Life Number would be 6. For Numerology, this number represents a character, instincts, duty and karmic lessons (see Karmic Astrology ), genetic inheritance, personality traits and defects, and life direction. If the number of birth is 6, it is a romantic, idealistic, friendly, and outgoing person.

Life Number Explanation

Now that you know the numerical value of your Life Number, checks its meaning in detail:
  • Number 1 - Ambitious, Innovative, Creative
  • Number 2 - Affable, Inventive, Intuitive
  • Number 3 - Energetic, Talented, Independent
  • Number 4 - Stable, Practical, Rebellious
  • Number 5 - Lively, Impulsive, Enterprising
  • Number 6 - Reliable, Caring, Communicative
  • Number 7 - Spiritual, Lucky, Restless
  • Number 8 - Stubborn, Individualistic, Intense
  • Number 9 - Active, Determined, Brave