Numerology of Angels - Meaning of Numbers

    Each number carries a message, an answer to a question that worries you, or orientation on the steps you should take.

    In this article, you will find the meaning of the numbers and the message that your guardian angels try to convey to you through each of them.
    The Numerology of the Angels is an oracle that allows us to receive the angelic guidance of the guardian angels and archangels and helps us find healing and obtain angelic advice or a message. Some people, when they look at a watch and see a certain sequence of numbers, they interpret this fact as a mere coincidence. For those who have faith and believe in the power of guardian angels, this event can reveal a message, a warning, an alert, or a guide sent by divinity. Each number carries a message, an answer to a question that worries you, or orientation on the steps you should take. In this article, you will find the meaning of the numbers and the message that your guardian angels try to convey to you through each of them. Numbers appear in many places carrying messages left by angels and the Universe. They are messages and signals sent to us to help us in various areas of life.

    The Numerology of Angels and Meaning of Numbers

    When you need guidance or support, you can ask the angels to send you a message of comfort or guidance. To do this, you must be aware of your desires and feelings. Sometimes it is necessary to turn ourselves inward. Learn to recognize our needs and who we are. This is possible through meditation and critical thinking (in analyzing situations and emotions to make sense of them, not in the sense of harassing yourself for what you feel). Meditation is an excellent technique for connecting with the Universe and divine energies. Before you begin, choose a quiet and peaceful place. Take time to be with yourself without being interrupted by anything or anyone. Focus on your breathing. Breathe in slowly and feel the air rush into your lungs. Place your hands on your stomach and feel it fill with air. Then breathe out slowly and let the air out through your mouth. Repeat this exercise a few times, calmly and serenely, concentrating on your breathing and how your body reacts to this relaxation. This is a good exercise to do whenever you feel anxious. Retreat to a private place and breathe in and out slowly. Your mind will become calm and peaceful. You can also pray to your Guardian Angel to help you focus your mind in the present moment and calm your heart, feeling safe and wrapped in the protection of love and the light of the power of his presence in your life.

    Angelic Numbers Meaning

    • Number 0 - New beginnings. Door opening. God.
    • Number 1 - Me. Unit. Higher Self. Universal connection.
    • Number 2 - Union. Connection with other people. Alignment with love.
    • Number 3 - Expansion. Superior power. Teachers.
    • Number 4 - Angels. The communication. Expansion of gifts.
    • Number 5 - Changes. Effort. You need to act and invest.
    • Number 6 - Balance. The intent is required. Caution.
    • Number 7 - Magic. Manifestation. Divine inspiration.
    • Number 8 - Travel. Increase. Spiritual lessons.
    • Number 9 - Self-control. Union with the Higher Self. Divine Feminine.

    The Numerology of Angels and the Meaning of Double and Triple Numbers

    When you look at a clock and see double and triple numbers, it means that angels call your attention to something. Each number of sequences reveals a particular energetic vibration and how your path is unfolding.

    Double Numbers


    God is with you, by your side, to give you all the support you need to take the necessary steps for your personal growth. Invest in your life project.


    God protects you and gives you the strength to undertake your projects and make your dreams come true.


    The divine guides you to open your heart, mind, and energy. Take this opportunity to help those around you.


    You are on a path of self-discovery, and angels are by your side to support you. Your path of truth is unfolding, which will ultimately represent great personal growth.


    God supports you in your search for truth. Your world is changing. Take this time to think about what you want in your life.


    Prepare and receive. Everything you send to the Universe will be returned to you. Think of your life through the lens of prosperity. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with new goals.


    Your energy is changing, and your efforts will pay off. Your path is full of light, and angels walk by your side. Find a balance between your public and private life.


    Don't be afraid to follow your feelings. Everything is aligned so that you can take the path you want. Believe in your abilities and follow your instincts.


    If you are experiencing any difficulties in your life, you should know that you are not alone on your way. Think carefully about your alternatives; don't be afraid to follow your instincts.


    You are in a phase of introspection and personal growth. At the end of this process, you will meet new people who will help you in this process. Put your projects into practice.


    Something wonderful will happen in your life. The angels and the divine are by your side. All your prayers are being heard. You are ready to take the next step in your spiritual evolution.


    Your mind develops on a higher plane. Your emotions are in balance, reflecting your alignment with the divine. Meditate whenever you can and raise your prayers to the divine.


    You can bring healing to everyone around you. Your positive energy is contagious and inspires others. Focus on becoming a better person.


    You have a path of new learning ahead of you. These new teachings will open up new possibilities for you at the level of your spirituality.


    You may feel that you have some latent talent that is now beginning to reveal itself. Let your abilities surprise you.


    The changes you are making now in life are necessary to grow. Everything you are creating will pay off in the future. Your angels are gracing your spiritual growth.


    Take some time to rebalance your emotions and your life. It is time to calmly reflect on the options and decisions that need to be made.


    Your blocks and worries are being overcome, allowing you to build the future you want. Take care of your emotions. Your guardian angels walk by your side to protect you.


    You are going through a process that could change your life. Take this opportunity to get your ideas in order and find new solutions to old problems. Do not carry other people's luggage in your heart.


    You are invited to establish a relationship with the energy of the divine feminine. Get inspired by the power of nature to change as a person and the world around you. Remember that the power of change is in your hands.


    You are going through a phase where you can be interesting, and you are in a position to reach out to other people. Your ability to understand the emotions of others and to forgive will also heal internal wounds. Live with joy and be grateful for your achievements.


    The time has come to realize that what you want for others can affect you too. Therefore, remove all negative energy from your life and make your decisions and attitudes calmly and kindly towards others.


    You were born to make a difference and are probably already the center of the world for many people. Also, invest in yourself and your well-being. Eliminate everything bad for you from your life.


    Your desire to be a better person is paying off. Go your way, and you will only reap good things. Believe in your life mission.

    Triple Numbers


    Focus on the good things you have in your life, not on what scares or causes you to fear. Your thoughts and intentions are stronger than ever.


    Your gifts are creating opportunities for your expansion. Be aware of all the opportunities that come your way in life.


    All the achievements you have made are due to your effort. Positive energies are all around you. Learn to take advantage of them.


    Your prayers are being answered, and angels are by your side. Have faith in the power of your convictions.


    Your fight is paying off. Your angels and the Universe are aligned to support you in creating and living a life of abundance.

    The Numerology of the Angels and Meaning of the Capicuas

    The palindromic numbers are reflected as if there were a mirror between them. In general, they mean that you are living a moment of reflection on your current personal circumstances to align how you feel and how you express yourself with yourself and with others. It acknowledges your effort to align your interior with what will allow you to grow spiritually. As we are the result of all lived experiences, education, and our emotional blocks, there are times in life when we need to stop and reflect. From this internal analysis, which sometimes represents suffering, a new person emerges, renewed inside and out. With more awareness of yourself, your mission in life, and what you must do to change and be a happier person.


    Angels acknowledge your efforts to support and comfort others but remind you not to dismiss yourself or forget your emotional needs.


    This number alerts you to the need to evaluate your current circumstances and revalue your opportunities for spiritual growth and learning.


    Your angels try to communicate with you, but you don't seem to hear them. Even if you feel abandoned, you must understand that you are part of something bigger and are not alone on your journey. God and the Angels are on your side.


    Your angels encourage you to be brave and strong. If you are looking for a new purpose and spiritual growth, you must be open to possible changes. If you do nothing, nothing will be done.

    The Numerology of Angels and the Meaning of Progressive Numbers

    The progressive numbers are numbers that move in an increasing and correct sequence. When you come across this type of number, the Angels recognize your effort to get up, move forward, and fight for what you want to achieve. You may be going through a moment of change in your intimate or spiritual life, and the Angels are by your side to help you chart and make a new path. This is what the Numerology of Angels says about these numbers.


    The protection of your Angels is accompanying your spiritual ascent. If you intend to change and progress, you have a strong force at your side that will support you along the way. Take the first step. The rest will happen naturally.


    Your spiritual climb continues. All the challenges you have faced are released now. The Angels of Ascension walk by your side to give you the strength and confidence you need to move forward.


    Naturally, you feel that your relationships are evolving. New opportunities will arise to love and be loved. Los Angeles area by your side and celebrates all your achievements. Be attentive to love. It can appear anywhere when you least expect it.


    Your spiritual connection with your guides is going through a very harmonious phase. Trust your feelings, and don't ignore your intuition. Your feelings are the answer to your prayers.


    According to the Numerology of the Angels, this sequence suggests that your spiritual growth is at the top of your priorities and that the Angels are very satisfied with your attitude towards personal development. At some point, you may feel that you have made a great leap in resolving your inner conflicts. This will be reflected positively in how you manage your emotions and deal with others. Also, know the Meaning of the Equal Hours in Numerology.

    Life Number Calculator

    The Life Number represents and reflects the inner potential of each person. When we feel insecure or lost, our Life Number can help us find the right path. This number also reveals the innate talents and abilities of the person.