Numerology - A Guide to Unveiling Your Destiny

    Numerology is based on the Pythagorean method that gives each letter a number from 1 to 9. Calculating personal numbers and interpreting their meanings allows you to understand your personality and that of others better.

    Numerology is an ancient technique. The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, had their numerological system, with hidden powers attributed to each number: already then, Numerology was used to understand human psychology. In the Christian tradition, numbers have great symbolic spiritual significance. Pythagoras established the basic principles of Western Numerology and created the system for calculating personal numbers that are still used today. Numbers play a fundamental role in our lives, from the beginning to the date of birth. Throughout our life, we collect identification numbers such as citizens, students, taxpayers, the house door number, the car number, etc.

    Numerology and Self-knowledge

    Pythagoras is considered the father of Western Numerology as we know it today. The Greek philosopher and mathematician believed that the world is built on the power of numbers. Pythagoras reduced composite numbers to nine Primary Numbers, each assigned a particular meaning and symbolism. According to this methodology, all numbers and dates of birth can be reduced to numbers to determine individual personalities and destinies. Everything is a number, and to know the numbers is to know ourselves. Pythagoras (580-500 BC) One of the basic principles of Western Numerology is based on the assumption that everything in the world vibrates with energy. The numbers are symbols of the energy circle and are believed to reveal the patterns of life itself. Each number has its unique energetic vibrations and represents specific strengths and opportunities. For Numerology, the numbers assigned to each of us, especially through the date of birth and name, form the energetic blueprint of our life. Numerology tells us that, from the knowledge of its powers and principles, we can discover how to change the energy surrounding our life to achieve a harmonious vibration and reach our maximum potential.

    Numerology and Spirituality

    At birth, we receive certain lessons that are given to us not as punishment but as opportunities for growth. Something magical happens through adversity and life's challenges: evolution of spirit and character takes place. True spirituality does not mean leaving the real world to live isolated in a fantasy world. Instead, it is reflected in an attitude of acknowledging and facing what is within us. It depends on our effort to improve as a person and our ability to question our beliefs throughout life.

    Symbolic Meaning of Numerology

    Numerology can help us in different aspects of our life. Once we understand the basic meaning of numbers, we can begin to apply their senses to practical situations in everyday life. You can tell us how to change your name to bring more abundance into your life and what to look for in the personal numbers of business partners, friends, and romantic partners. For some experts in this field, Numerology can even be used to see the future.

    Primary Numbers Meaning

    The Numbers Primaries are based on the Pythagorean system and serve as a basis for the study of Numerology. This is a short guide on the meaning of the nine Primary Numbers.

    Secondary Numbers Meaning

    The numbers 1 to 9 are important in Numerology. To read, each of the three personal numbers must be reduced to a single digit number. However, some two-digit numbers that may appear during the calculation process are also important. These are called Secondary Numbers. Each secondary number, like primary numbers, has its numerological meaning and sense and adds a little more information to the information obtained with the personal number of a number. The most powerful secondary numbers are 11, 12, 13, 22, and 40. Through Numerology, you can know your personality and what motivates you in all areas of your life. Suppose you are an independent and individualistic person who seeks power. In that case, a job in which you depend on the guidance of others and without the ability to make decisions will frustrate you and make you unhappy.

    Numerology and Astrology - What is their relationship?

    The astrology and numerology systems are similar in that both techniques are used as tools for self and to unravel the mysteries of life. Both are based on complex mathematical calculations and interpretation systems, which have been systematized for millennia. For Astrology, everything on Earth and in Heaven is intertwined in a spiritual and energetic relationship. Knowing our personality will allow us to be better people and fulfill our destiny in the best possible way. For Numerology, the interpretation of the numbers with which we relate can give us important clues about who we are, the impression we leave on others, how they see us, and our mission in life. The energy charge we bring at birth, what we can do to express our potential to the fullest, and what personality characteristics prevent us from evolving.

    Numbers and Numerology

    • Number 1 - Ambitious, Innovative, Creative
    • Number 2 - Affable, Inventive, Intuitive
    • Number 3 - Energetic, Talented, Independent
    • Number 4 - Stable, Practical, Rebellious
    • Number 5 - Lively, Impulsive, Enterprising
    • Number 6 - Reliable, Caring, Communicative
    • Number 7 - Spiritual, Lucky, Restless
    • Number 8 - Stubborn, Individualistic, Intense
    • Number 9 - Active, Determined, Brave