Palmistry - Art of Reading Hands and Predicting the Future

    The art of evaluating a person's personality or future life by reading their hand, Palmistry can help identify dangers in the future.

    Based on this information, a person can decide which way to go or make decisions that will lead to a different result.
    Palmistry is the art of reading hands and predicting a person's future. It is a divinatory system that can seem somewhat complicated since it is based on reading the lines of the hands. Each hand has its markings, lines, and symbols; palmists take many years to learn their meanings. Each zone of the hand represents a sphere of life, from the intellect, spirituality, and the power of the brain (fingers); to practical tasks and the balance between the different areas and roles we play in everyday life (central part of the palm) and money, security, impulses, and instincts (lower part of the palm). Like all Oracles, Palmistry also follows the principle of free will: each person traces their path, and life is made up of changes. Also, the lines of the hand can change over the years. Therefore, the reading is valid for that moment, in the current circumstances, and does not represent any fatality in the future.

    Origin of Palmistry

    Reading the lines of the hands is a traditional practice in Eurasia. Its origins are believed to be in Hindu astrology, the I Ching, gypsy seers (people with origins in South Asia), and ancient India, with the word " Teachings of the Sage Valmiki on Human Palmistry " by the poet Valmiki. After spreading through the cultures of India, China, Egypt, Persia, and ancient Greece, Palmistry was suppressed during the period of the European Middle Ages. Interest in this art resurfaced in 1839 with the publication of the book " Chironomics " by Casimir Stanislas D'Arpentigny. Later, the Irishman William John Warner (1866 - 1936), popularly known as Smell, one of the best known and most popular psychics among the personalities of his time, drew attention to Palmistry, which has not lost its popularity since. Palmistry is the practice of evaluating a person's personality or future life by reading their hand. Reading can also help identify hazards in the future. Based on this information, a person can decide which way to go or make decisions that lead to a different result.

    Palmistry and Hand Line Reading Techniques

    The lines of each hand are unique and exclusive. Even so, knowing one or two peculiarities of the hand can be quite revealing. A basic knowledge of Palmistry, combined with good intuition, is the basis to begin your readings. Hand reading encompasses two aspects: Chirognomonia (shape and characteristics of the hand, such as the length and shape of the fingers and nails, patterns, fingerprints, the texture and color of the skin, or the shape and flexibility of the hand) and Palmistry (lines, mountains, stars, cross, grids, islands, crossed lines and other marks of the palm). Palmistry is based on the analysis of the different " lines" and the " mountains" (Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Saturn, Mount of Apollo, Mount of Mercury, Upper Mount of Mars, Lower Mount of Mars, Mount of the Moon, and Mount of Venus), which allows making interpretations according to their relative size, their qualities, and their intersections. The main lines (Life Line, Head Line, Heart Line, and Destiny Line) are divided into temporal segments, which record past events and emotions.

    Meaning of Left Hand and Right Hand

    The right hand, active or dominant if you are right-handed, reveals how you use your abilities and is associated with the conscious mind. The left hand, or passive hand, shows the abilities you were born with and is often associated with the subconscious mind. If you are left-handed, the opposite applies. As a general rule, the left hand ( passive ) reveals inherited traits, early and familiar influences, past life ( karma ), and destiny. The right hand ( active ) reveals whether you are using or ignoring your natural abilities and abilities. As a general rule, a palmist begins with the dominant hand because it indicates what is manifesting in the person's present life. Then, analyze the other hand to see if it was born with a particular trait. By comparing the characteristics and markings of both hands, you will see their future potential. Each zone of the hand can be related to divinity and its respective area of influence. For example, the ring finger is associated with art, music, aesthetics, fame, wealth, and harmony.

    Palmistry and the Lines of the Hand

    The palm of your hand has four major lines, many minor lines, and markings. Together, they reflect the events of life, your way of thinking, your relationships, and your professional career. The four main lines of the palm are :

    Line of life

    It is the line of health and vitality, being the one that surrounds the thumb. On the left hand, it shows the inherited traits; on the right, the way you have treated that family inheritance. It starts above the thumb and ends near the base of the palm. Contrary to what many people think, the length of the Life Line does not indicate how many years you will live. It suggests the strength, self-confidence, energy, and good health when well marked. A softer, more subdued line suggests less energy and more physical or emotional sensitivity.

    Head Line

    This is the line that indicates your way of thinking. On the left hand, it shows the intelligence with which you were born; on the right, the way you have developed your thought scheme. The headline is the horizontal line that begins in the palm, on the side of the thumb, and passes over, crosses, or touches the lifeline. A headline short denotes a focus on more practical and immediate issues and can reveal that you are currently focused on a specific area of your life that, for some reason, stands out above all others. A long line can signify superior intelligence and a philosophical attitude towards life.

    Heart Line

    It is the line linked to emotions and relationships, also known as the Love Line or Table Line. On the left hand, reveal your potential to love and maintain your relationships. On the right hand, reveal how you have developed this potential. It is a horizontal line that crosses the palm and is above the Head Line. The Heart Line begins at the outer edge of the palm. A strong, bold line shows emotional security and stable relationships. A weak line suggests emotional insecurity and difficulty in relationships. The reading of the meaning of this line also varies depending on where it ends:
    • You are a realistic, attentive and practical person at the base of the index finger.
    • Under the middle finger - you are a passionate person, but you can be too serious and demanding in your relationships.
    • The index finger bases that you are loyal and romantic, but written idealize the sentimental partner.

    Destiny Line

    It is the line related to career and direction of life. The left-had left hand your professional potential; the right shows how you develop this potential. The vertical line begins near the hand's base and extends towards the middle finger. A long Fate Line that extends from the wrist lines to beyond the Heart Line reveals the determination and the will to overcome life's obstacles, to go further. You have direct control over the events and direction of your life. A weaker line reveals uncertainty in the race. A more marked line in the left hand (if it is the passive hand) than in the right (if it is the active one) denotes a potential that has not been fulfilled.