How Do Pisces Deal With Breakups?

    Pisces: January 21 to February 19


    When a breakup appears in your life, you try to control it and manage all, dear Pisces. You intensely feel emotions and refuse to ask others for help simply because you don't want to disturb them. Also, you feel that the more you talk about it, the worse. You cook it, and you eat it, Little Pisces. And the truth is that, since you want to have everything under control, you do not usually accept that things have their beginning and end, and you cling to being able to continue communicating with your ex, at least for what it meant in your life. It is as if you could not let go of that person, as if you did not want to cut that short bond between you, those memories ... Most likely, with some, you still keep writing messages in the hope of not losing that even if you know that you already everything is lost ..., Before sending them, you end up deleting them, so they don't think you're still attached.


    Find someone to talk to, Little Pisces. A friend, a family member, a psychologist, whatever it takes to process your emotions, to bring them out from within, so as not to let them affect you negatively. You do not have to be ashamed of what has happened; you will get ahead no matter how dark you see all Pisces. But yes, you will have to break your losses. It sure is what anyone who loves you will tell you. You cannot be in the middle of anywhere. What You Don't Know About Cancer When It Breaks You are very intense and not too calculating, so the best thing is that you give everything or nothing. When something is over, please consider NOT GIVING anything. You will be surprised how easy everything is once you stop trying to have everything under your control. You will carry on Pisces, as you always do. But we must close chapters. Close them forever.