How to Conquer a Pisces

    1. Caution with your jealousy

    It is difficult but not impossible, and you know it. You have many insecurities under the thousands of layers that protect your Pisces heart. Whoever turns those insecurities into jealousy wins a direct pass to the street, out of your life, and away from the conquest of your heart. Whoever gives you enough confidence to make that jealousy calm down and take a permanent nap earns a pass to your heart, and you know it ...
    1. With GENTILEZA

    You are attracted to people who are good first, middle, and last Pisces, those who do not give you a bad vibe with their actions and looks, and the people you see who are transparent from the beginning. People who are seen as gentle at heart, even if they have flaws like you have Pisces, but who are not ashamed of them, are ordinary people with good hearts. How hard is it to find that?
    1. To truly conquer yourself, you must know what you want, investigate, and have a little imagination and a sixth sense.

    Okay,  private detectives would do this job better than anyone, but that would be crazy, Pisces. But it is also true that you like others to care about your tastes, that they work hard to find out what your dreams are, that they do something to know what you want, how they could surprise you, and how they could enter your heart. You let yourself be loved, and you can be won over by people who work hard and do whatever it takes to know more about you.
    1. With small and unexpected details in the day-to-day that are neither material nor second-hand

    They remember your favorite music group, take you to a concert, know your favorite food, and make it without warning you (it may seem silly, but for you, it is not Pisces). Those little details are NOT material that can be enjoyed as a couple, and that come from nowhere; those small displays of interest and affection make you fall in love with PISCES ... You are seduced by people who pay attention to much more than appearance, those who retain your tastes in their minds, your concerns, and all your crazy things, and you know it, Pisces.
    1. With COMPLICITY

    That you can give what the other person lacks and that you also receive something that you lack from the other person without having to ask for it is something that makes you fall in love; that is a detail that you take into account because for you there is nothing better than being in a couple and that both parties give each other what they need. That gesture makes you fall in love; those people give you a lot of good Pisces vibes; that gesture is what makes you see that that person is there for you. Nothing better than giving and receiving without the need to ask for it.
    1. Love and friendship go hand in hand.

    For you, there is nothing better than having a partner to act as a friend and confidant when you need it most. For you, there is nothing better than being with someone with whom you can feel a lot of familiarities, wasting time with someone you consider to be from your family, someone who is your partner, but before that, knows you well, how can you know two Very good friendsჴ€¦
    1. With quality time, but not quantity

    You are very sentimental and are not afraid to say I LOVE YOU when you feel it, but you will only do it when you feel it and not when Pisces forces you. There is the key; you want a lot of time for that love to be pure and not for it to be something forced that ends up losing its essence. Whoever manages to respect your time and do something very good in it has a better chance of being able to enter your heart.