How to Know if Pisces Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    For you, Pisces, love is one of the highest priorities in your life. Not only love for your partner but love for your family and all those people around you. Although it is also true that you would love to live a love story like the one in the movies and you are always looking forward to something like this happening in your life, you know that you are in love, Pisces, because you feel as if you are living in a fairy tale as if, at last, all your dreams are beginning to come true. As cheesy as it sounds, Pisces, you know perfectly well that it is.

    It is very easy to detect if you are in love because everything in your world changes.

    Change the way you see things, change the way you relate to others, and change your mood. When you fall in love, you feel your whole life is the color of roses.  In those moments in your mind, there is only room for love and for that person, and you want to take advantage of the moment 100% as much as you can. When you fall in love, you truly believe that that person is your soulmate, and you, Pisces, are willing to do anything for that person. You know that you have fallen in love because you no longer look so much at the past and those people who hurt you. You are no longer obsessed with everything you suffered and how bad it was. Now you are willing to go further, and in addition to turning the page, you feel like sending the past to hell. When you fall in love, all you want is to put all your trust in your partner and give him everything he needs.

    You are a person with such a big heart that you will be able to do anything for that person.

    Even when there is nothing to assure you that your partner will do the same in return, you don't care because you are blinded by love, and the only thing you care about is making her happy. In addition, you also know that you have fallen in love. You are not afraid to say how you feel because you are no longer afraid of your feelings and do not know how to control them. When you fall in love with Pisces, you know exactly where you want to be and with whom you want to be.

    Despite the euphoria and adrenaline you feel when you fall in love, your ideas are clarifying little by little, and you stop being afraid to say everything you think. 

    For you, Pisces, falling in love is truly an adventure.