If Pisces Have Anxiety Now It's for This

    Pisces, it is never too late to drop everything and start over. It is never too late to clean the slate. And perhaps that is what you need to do now to save yourself those moments of anxiety. Maybe you need to clean up your 'list' of friends. You know that there are relationships that no longer mean anything to you. That anxiety comes from here, Pisces, that you know that there are friends who are nothing to you anymore, but you don't know what to do to 'kick' them out of your life. Worst of all, you try to make up this truth with the excuse that maybe it can improve in the future. But Pisces, all this has a solution; if you don't like where you are and who you are with, stop concentrating on it and create a new future.

    Sometimes you don't need to say 'goodbye' to anyone; just let them go. Sometimes it is the healthiest and the easiest ... But calm / a Pisces, everything will pass. 

    What you have to stop doing immediately is stop thinking so much about the past. Yes, it will always be part of us, but we should not obsess over something that will never come back.

    Don't let your past define you; let your present define you. You don't need to forget your past, but take advantage of all that you have learned (by hook or crook) to do something that makes you feel good now.

    It doesn't make you wiser or smarter to stay in the past; it makes you wiser when you realize it's time to leave it behind. 

    Right now, Pisces, you have the power to build the life of your dreams. It is in your hand if you want to move forward or stay stuck in how you are right now ...