Pisces Child - February 20 to March 20

    Discover the dominant traits of the astral personality of the Pisces child and how you can help stimulate their healthy development.

    The Pisces child has the most sensitive and delicate personality in the Zodiac. Your little Pisces feels all the energetic vibrations that gravitate around him. Your mood changes based on the emotions of those around you, even when you seem distracted and disinterested. Empathetic and affectionate, he is extremely sensitive to the feelings of others he respects and considers like no one else. Do your best to appreciate your little Pisces' genuine smileshugs, and frequent displays of affection. Do not criticize his dreams, the magical world he idealizes, his ideals, and his imagination. These are your greatest assets in becoming a happy person.

    Characteristics of the Pisces Sign

    • Date  - from February 20 to March 20 (+/-)
    • Keyword  - I REDEEM
    • Attributes  - Artistic, caring, calm, creative, spiritual, empathetic, gentle, genuine, intuitive, idealistic, imaginative, listening, romantic, respectful, sensitive, sensitive, dreamy, serene, caring, fearful, tolerant, visionary
    • Impulse  - Personify unconditional love
    • Ruling Planet  -  Neptune  (in Modern Astrology)
    • Coregent Planet  -  Jupiter
    • Element  -  Water
    • Quality  -  Mutable
    • House  -  Twelfth
    • Opposite sign  -  Virgo

    Your Little Pisces

    The natives of Pisces are old soulsintuitivecreative, and sensitive. You may think that your little Pisces is in dreamland, but he understands everything that happens around him. Full of compassion, he plays the role of a top-rated older brother, caregiver, or healthcare professional. A fertile imagination also leads many Pisceans to the arts, plastic expression, or engineering. Your Pisces child is born with enormous potential to love people, animals, and the world. Inside, everything works with a touch of magic. Intuitive and dreamy, he believes everyone looks at the world with the same eyes. He likes company and that his space is respected. He is very affectionate; he loves cuddles and hugs. When he is needy, sad, or hurt, he will seek the safety of your lap and snuggle. Pisces have a great capacity to put themselves in the place of others. Therefore, he can be easily influenced and suffers when his feelings are not considered. The Pisces child must be taught to protect himself from malicious people, not allowing himself to be manipulated or deceived. You also need help to make warm-hearted and supportive friends and to feel confident enough to stand up for yourself. When he experiences disappointment or grief, he generally deals with these situations with certain normality, remaining kind and gentle without holding grudges or wanting revenge. Pisces intensely lives spirituality. Thinking about matters related to the most basic mind and emotions will be a constant cause for reflection in your life. The Pisces child can calm everyone around him. Full of goodness and relaxation, it can calm the tensest environments. His smile is frank, and he loves hugs and contact with those he loves. Pisces lives guided by their imagination and intuition and have a great capacity for adaptation. These are some of the characteristics that you will maintain throughout your life. Your Pisces baby lives the moods of others a lot. Pay attention to the intentions of those who interact with your child and try to maintain a caring home environment.

    The Pisces Child Personality

    it's irresistible because ...

    • Sleep through the night and take advantage of the day to entertain yourself in its world full of magic
    • Cares about the emotions of others
    • He is extremely caring and caring
    • He loves to snuggle up next to you
    • is full of imagination
    • Know exactly what to do at the right time

    it can be difficult because ...

    • He spends time dreaming and needs help seeing the world as it is.
    • You can change your mood quickly, which can be somewhat scary when it comes to understanding your emotions
    • Can be quite lazy ... which makes mornings especially demanding

    has some secrets ...

    • Thanks to your intuition, hiding your feelings from your Pisces child is not easy. If you've had a bad day, there's no point telling her otherwise
    • It would help if you had encouragement and support to fight your insecurity
    • He truly believes in his fantasy world and may refuse to see the real world when he makes the magic he likes to be immersed in disappear

    likes ...

    • Swimming, going to the beach, looking at the sea, bathing without stopping, and being in contact with the water
    • People with a great imagination
    • Dancing, listening to music, and singing
    • Imitating other people's tics
    • Walk barefoot and feel the ground under your feet
    • Invent new games and fantasy worlds
    • Animals

    does not like ...

    • Noise
    • People who mistreat animals
    • Take decisions
    • Be forced to eat

    What the Pisces Child Desires Most from His Parents

    The Pisces child has a special connection to imaginationdreams, the spirit world, and everything that has to do with alternate realities. Don't be surprised if your child looks at you with that distracted gaze and then tells you exactly how you feel with the most natural air. Your child needs you to understand and respect her mystical tendencies and changing personality. Affectionate and sensitive, a stable and healthy family environment is essential for their full development. At the same time, parental support is essential to understanding the real world and preparing for life's disappointments. The Pisces child has a great capacity to adapt to what others expect of him so as not to disappoint them. Be careful, do not allow his personality to change to please others, losing his individuality and preventing him from developing his true nature. Don't expect your little Pisces to be a fierce competitor. Feed his dreams without putting too much pressure on him, and don't try to impose goals and objectives on him that he does not identify with. Act and speak with caution. Pisces needs a safe and stimulating environment where he can unleash his imagination and create new realities, his own. With care and love, your little Pisces will reveal himself as a kind and extremely loving person. The best partner you can have in your life.

    How to stimulate the talents of your Pisces child

    The characteristics of your Pisces child make him a calm, kind, and affectionate child. To develop their gifts and talents, they take into account the following aspects when living with a Pisces child:
    • Help him be direct and objective by countering his tendency to color the world. Guide him to focus on the facts and avoid evasion and indecision, preparing him to make decisions and defend his point of view.
    • Work on their self-esteem by explaining that failure is universal and is part of the learning process. Just because you can't reach a goal today doesn't mean that with commitment and dedication, you can't do it another time.
    • It promotes creativity and encourages your enormous ability to create innovative solutions through crafts, fantasy story making, painting, or acting.
    • As an educator, prepare your Pisces child to deal with different types of people and realities. Teach him that there are honest people who genuinely care about his feelings and less serious and understanding people who can use their compassion to exploit him emotionally and physically.
    • Since it is easy to insult or hurt your little Pisces feelings, you should gently discipline him, respecting his feelings and the special way he sees the world. Beware of family tensions - remember that he perceives everything around him and may tend to internalize his feelings, becoming taciturn and distant. Help him talk openly about his feelings, so he doesn't hold them back.
    • The lack of confidence in itself can paralyze the child Pisces. Consistent encouragement and support from parents/caregivers help you overcome shyness and fear of failure.

    A Brief Note on Cusps

    If your child was born on the cusp of a zodiac sign, that is, in the first or last days of the date range of each sign (or when he was born "between two signs"), it can reveal personality traits of the signs found on both sides of the cusp. If your child has a small cusp, check both signs, and you may discover some traits of both in your child's character.

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