september 18 zodiac

    People born on September 18 gather many friends around them.

    Horoscope and personality for those born on September 18

    They are sociable and are linked to their environment through sympathy. Nice, kind, pleasant people attract numerous and faithful friends of both sexes, who influence their success. They are gifted and educated people with deep thoughts and subtle words, very interested in the arts. They have synthetic abilities. Profession: They can be successful as agents, brokers, merchants, pharmacists, photographers, and in all professions related to commerce and business. They will also be successful in mental work, journalism, and literature. The command of others is not their forte, and when they attempt to issue orders in their name or rule with authority, they cause objections. But other people willingly collaborate with them on equal terms and accept their favors because they are intelligent people who instantly understand what to do. Flaws: They are not free from the weakness of getting involved in other people's affairs, often with ideas different from those of the environment. What threatens them? Although they may acquire a prominent position, they will not be able to hold it for long. During travel, they are also in danger, and their speculations may be fruitless. Diseases associated with today's birthday include ailments of the intestines or internal organs. Family happiness awaits them later in life. A woman born on this day is honest, noble, intelligent, cautious, foresighted, and withdrawn. He likes to do good deeds and stand up for someone, and despite his certain degree of pride, he willingly sacrifices himself for others. His anger passes quickly and is not dangerous at all.

    Zodiac sign for those born on September 18

    If your birthday is on September 18, your zodiac sign is  Virgo

    September 18 - personality and character

    character:  intelligent, tough, kind, fierce, sad, curious; profession:  physicist, musician, anesthesiologist; colors:  orange, beige, black; stone:  bixbite; animal:  panther; plant:  Snapdragon; lucky numbers:  7,18,21,22,35,37 super lucky number:  16

    Holidays and observances - September 18

    • Chile: National Holidays (the First National Government Board is commemorated, 1810).
    • World free and open source software day.

    September 18 Celebrity birthdays. Who was born the same day as you?

    1900: Walther Wenck, Nazi military man (d. 1982). 1901: Harold Clurman, American filmmaker (d. 1980). 1901: Eduard Junyent, Spanish priest, historian, and archaeologist (d. 1978). 1902: Eduardo Bottinelli, Uruguayan physician and politician (d. 1978). 1902: Willy Zielke, German photographer, and filmmaker (d. 1989). 1903: Jorge Carrera Andrade, Ecuadorian poet (d. 1978). 1905: Enrique Caballero Aburto, Mexican politician (d. 1975). 1905: Greta Garbo, Swedish actress (d. 1990). 1905: Agnes de Mille, American dancer, and choreographer (d. 1993). 1905: Josდ© Zanier, Italian-Argentine engineer (d. 1973). 1907: Leon Askin, Austrian actor (d. 2005). 1907: Edwin Mattison McMillan, American chemist, 1951 Nobel Prize Winner (d. 1991). 1908: Victor Ambartsumiდ¡n, Soviet scientist (d. 1996). 1909: Vasco Josდ© Taborda Ribas, Brazilian writer, teacher and linguist (f. 1997). 1910: Joseph Tal, Israeli composer (d. 2008). 1911: Carmen Kurtz, Spanish writer (f. 1999). 1911: Manuel Pდ©rez Guerrero, Venezuelan economist and politician (d. 1985). 1912: Carlos Renდ© Correa, Chilean writer (f. 1999). 1912: Marდ­a de la Cruz Toledo, Chilean activist and journalist (d. 1995). 1913: Anselmo Pardo Alcaide, Spanish entomologist (d. 1977). 1913: Marta Rocafort, Spanish aristocrat, second wife of Alfonso de Borbდ³n (f. 1993). 1913: Antonio Tormo, Argentine singer (f. 2003). 1915: Jilma Madera, Cuban plastic artist, sculptor of the Christ of Havana (f. 2000). 1915: Eduardo Boza Masvidal, Cuban religious (f. 2003). 1916: Osvaldo Brandao, Brazilian soccer player and coach (d. 1989). 1916: Rossano Brazzi, Italian actor and singer (d. 1994). 1916: Mercedes Salisachs, Spanish writer (d. 2014). 1917: Jozsef Asboth, Hungarian tennis player (d. 1986). 1917: Pedro Coronado Arrascue, Peruvian educator (d. 1963). 1917: June Foray, American actress. 1918: Hank Penny, American musician (d. 1992). 1918: Josდ© Pდ©rez Gil, Spanish painter (f. 2008). 1919: Diana Lewis, American actress (d. 1997). 1920: Jack Warden, American actor (d. 2006). 1922: Leonor Oyarzდºn, Chilean activist, wife of President Patricio Aylwin. 1923: Ana de Borbდ³n-Parma, French aristocrat, wife of the King of Romania. 1923: Frank Socolow, American saxophonist (d. 1981). 1923: Peter Smithson, British architect (d. 2003). 1923: Xavier Valls, Spanish painter (f. 2006). 1924: JD Tippit, American policeman (d. 1963). 1926: James Cooley, American mathematician. 1926: Joe Kubert, American writer, and illustrator (d. 2012). 1926: Josდ© Naranjo, Mexican soccer player. 1926: Enrico Maria Salerno, Italian actor, and filmmaker (d. 1994). 1928: Iris Alonso, Argentine actress. 1928: Franco Franchi, Italian actor (d. 1992). 1930: Ignacio Moisდ©s I Daoud, Syrian religious, patriarch of the Roman Church (f. 2012). 1931: Julio Grondona, Argentine sports leader (d. 2014). 1932: Luis Ayala, Chilean tennis player. 1932: Leonardo Hagel Arredondo, Chilean surgeon and politician (d. 2004). 1932: Hisashi Owada, Japanese diplomat. 1932: Adalberto Rodrდ­guez, Argentine soccer player. 1933: Bob Bennett, American politician. 1933: Robert Blake, American actor. 1933: Robert Foster Bennett, American politician. 1933: Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov, Soviet opera singer. 1933: Mikhail Semyonov, Soviet basketball player. 1933: Julio Cდ©sar Strassera, Argentine lawyer and prosecutor (d. 2015). 1937: Josდ© Andreu Garcდ­a, Puerto Rican jurist. 1938: Domingo Arcდ¡ngel Lდ³pez, Argentine footballer. 1939: Billy Robinson, American wrestler. 1939: Jorge Sampaio, Portuguese politician, president between 1996 and 2006. 1939: Fred Willard, American comedian, and actor. 1940: Frankie Avalon, American actor, and singer. 1940: Abbas el Fassi, Moroccan Prime Minister. 1941: Michael Hartnett, Irish poet (d. 1999). 1941: Bobby Tambling, British footballer. 1942: Gabriella Ferri, Italian singer (d. 2004). 1942: Marco Rota, Italian cartoonist. 1942: Wolfgang Schდ¤uble, German politician. 1943: Henry Giroux, American cultural critic. 1944: Michael Franks, American singer. 1944: Jesდºs Martდ­nez დ?lvarez, Mexican politician. 1944: Isabelo Ramდ­rez, Spanish soccer player. 1945: John McAfee, American computer programmer. 1945: Vicente Ripa, Spanish politician, and professor. 1945: Ottorino Sartor, Peruvian soccer player, World Cup player in Argentina 78 1946: Gerardo Bernal, Mexican physicist of Argentine origin. 1946: Nicholas Clay, British actor (d. 2000). 1946: Billy Drago, American actor. 1946: Rocდ­o Jurado, Spanish singer and actress (d. 2006). 1946: Hugo Horacio Lდ³ndero, Argentine footballer. 1946: Africa Pratt, Spanish actress. 1947: Walter Cancela, Uruguayan economist and politician. 1947: Drew Gilpin Faust, American historian. 1947: Giancarlo Minardi, Italian businessman, founder, and CEO of the Minardi Formula 1 team. 1948: Vinko Jelovac, Croatian basketball player. 1949: Javier Barrero, Spanish politician. 1949: Beth Grant, American actress. 1949: Kerry Livgren, American keyboardist and drummer of the band Kansas. 1949: Mo Mowlam, British politician (d. 2005). 1949: Peter Shilton, British footballer. 1949: Poncho Zuleta, Colombian composer and singer. 1950: Shabana Azmi, Indian actress. 1950: Anna Deavere Smith, American actress, and playwright. 1950: Josefa Frau, Spanish politician. 1950: Empar de Lanuza Hurtado, Spanish writer. 1950: Roger William Sanders, American botanist. 1950: Carl Verbraeken, Belgian composer. 1951: Gerrit Barron, writer from Suriname. 1951: Ben Carson, American neurosurgeon. 1951: Ricardo Ortega Perrier, Chilean aviator. 1951: Dee Dee Ramone, American bassist of the band Ramones (f. 2002). 1951: Marc Surer, Swiss racing driver. 1952: Rick Pitino, American basketball coach. 1953: Luis Ajenjo, Chilean businessman and politician. 1953: Carlos Arდ¡nguiz, Chilean judge and writer. 1953: Roberto Diringuer, Uruguayan musician, guitarist, and composer. 1953: Rafael Guilisasti, Chilean businessman and union leader. 1953: Anna Levine, American actress. 1954: Francisco Canals Beviდ¡, Spanish politician. 1954: Einar Mდ¡r Gu? Mundsson, Icelandic writer. 1954: Dennis Johnson, American basketball player, and coach. 1954: Steven Pinker, Canadian psychologist and linguist. 1955: Guillermo Carlos Cazenave, Argentine musician. 1955: David Mirkin, American filmmaker. 1955: Keith Morris, American singer of Black Flag and Circle Jerks. 1956: Chris Hedges, American journalist, and writer. 1956: Tim McInnerny, British actor. 1957: Carlos Azagra, Spanish cartoonist. 1957: Xosდ© Manuel Barreiro, Spanish politician. 1957: Javier Cansado, Spanish comedian. 1957: Emily Remler, American guitarist (f. 1990). 1957: Tom Wright, a British architect. 1958: John Aldridge, Irish footballer. 1958: Jeff Bostic, American football player. 1958: Rachid Taha, Algerian singer. 1959: Mark Romanek, American filmmaker. 1960: Nils Petter Molvar, a Norwegian jazz musician. 1960: Sergio Saturno, Argentine soccer player. 1960: Elena Valenciano, Spanish politician. 1960: Montserrat Ontiveros, actress and Mexican presenter. 1961: James Gandolfini, American actor (d. 2013). 1961: Carlos Guirland, Paraguayan soccer player. 1961: El Papirri, Bolivian singer-songwriter, and guitarist. 1961: Inigo Urkullu, Basque politician. 1961: Bernard Werber, French writer. 1962: Xavier Capellas, a Spanish composer. 1962: Hდ³lger Quinდ³nez, Ecuadorian soccer player. 1963: Ricardo Pacheco Rodrდ­guez, Mexican politician. 1963: Dan Povenmire, director and producer of American cinema. 1963: John Powell, British composer. 1963: Gary Russell, British actor, and director. 1963: Neus Sanz, Spanish actress. 1964: Luca Belcastro, Italian composer. 1964: დ‰mile Bravo, French cartoonist, and illustrator. 1964: Marco Masini, Italian singer. 1964: Holly Robinson Peete, American actress, and singer. 1965: Riccardo Morandotti, Italian basketball player. 1966: Gabino Diego, Spanish actor. 1966: Fermდ­n Trujillo Fuentes, Mexican politician. 1967: Ricky Bell, British singer of the bands New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. 1967: Antonio Mდ©ndez Rubio, Spanish poet and essayist. 1967: El Yuyu (Josდ© Guerrero Roldდ¡n), Mexican radio announcer. 1967: Roberto Rosetti, Italian referee. 1967: Samuel Ruiz Fuertes, Spanish politician. 1968: Ricardo Bango, Spanish footballer. 1968: Cristiდ¡n Castaneda, Chilean soccer player. 1968: Silvio Guerra, Ecuadorian athlete. 1968: Toni Kukoc, Croatian basketball player. 1969: Rafael Araneda, Chilean television host. 1969: Cappadonna, American rapper of the Wu-Tang Clan and Theodore Unit. 1969: Stდ©phane Lannoy, French soccer referee. 1969: Christophe Mabillon, French sculptor and painter. 1970: Alejandro Agag, Spanish businessman. 1970: Aisha Tyler, comedian, and American actress. 1971: Lance Armstrong, American cyclist. 1971: Greg Minor, American basketball player. 1971: Leo Montero, Argentine television host. 1971: Anna Netrebko, Russian-Austrian soprano. 1971: Jada Pinkett Smith, American model, and actress. 1971: Juan Josდ© Valencia, Spanish footballer. 1972: Michael Landes, American actor. 1972: დ‰ric Rabდ©sandratana, Malagasy footballer. 1972: Flavio Rebelo, Brazilian businessman. 1972: Gerardo Villanueva Albarrდ¡n, Mexican politician. 1973: Aitor Karanka de la Hoz, Spanish footballer. 1973: Laurent Foirest, French basketball player. 1973: Dario Frigo, Italian cyclist. 1973: Thierry Gadou, French basketball player. 1973: Mდ¡rio Jardel, Brazilian soccer player. 1973: James Marsden, American actor. 1973: Ami Onuki, singer of Japanese pop (Puffy AmiYumi). 1973: Mark Shuttleworth, first South African cosmonaut. 1974: Sol Campbell, British footballer. 1974: Ticha Penicheiro, Portuguese basketball player. 1974: Emily Rutherfurd, American actress. 1974: Xzibit, American rapper, actor, and host of the Pimp my ride program. 1975: Igor Demo, Slovak footballer. 1975: Pierre Desarmes, Haitian singer and model. 1975: Don Hany, Australian actor. 1975: Jason Sudeikis, American actor. 1975: Josh Quong Tart, Australian actor. 1976: Carlitos, Spanish soccer player. 1976: Kikki Daire, an American porn actress. 1976: Mabrouk El Mechri, French actor and director. 1976: Josuდ© Mდ©ndez, Peruvian film director. 1977: Andrდ©s Parra, Colombian actor. 1977: David Soria, Peruvian soccer player. 1977: Lil Tie, Chinese footballer. 1978: Pilar Lდ³pez de Ayala, Spanish actress. 1978: Irache Quintanal, Spanish athlete. 1978: Maricris Rubio, Peruvian model. 1978: Andrდ©s Saldarriaga, Colombian footballer. 1979: Dani Aranzubia, Spanish footballer. 1979: Bobo Chan, Chinese model, and singer. 1979: Junichi Inamoto, Japanese footballer. 1979: Alison Lohman, American actress. 1979: Silvia Munoz, Mexican field hockey player. 1980: Charles Hedger, British guitarist of the band Cradle of Filth and Mayhem. 1980: Adriana Louvier, Mexican actress. 1980: Pablo Ibarluzea, Spanish actor, director, and theater educator. 1981: Sebastiდ¡n Decoud, Argentine tennis player. 1981: Aitor Luna, Spanish actor. 1981: Nicole da Silva, Australian actress. 1981: Jennifer Tisdale, American actress, and singer. 1981: Kristaps Valters, Latvian basketball player. 1982: Josდ© Devaca, Paraguayan soccer player. 1982: Alfredo Talavera, Mexican soccer player. 1982: Tata, Indonesian singer. 1983: Andrew Boyens, New Zealand footballer. 1983: Yuzo Kurihara, Japanese soccer player. 1983: Rodolfo Lდ³pez, Mexican boxer. 1983: Sasha Son, Lithuanian singer. 1984: Tomasz Bandrowski, Polish footballer. 1984: Jack Carpenter, American actor. 1984: Travis Outlaw, American basketball player. 1984: Dizzee Rascal, British rapper. 1985: Pete Cashmore, British blogger. 1985: Braulio Nდ³brega, Spanish footballer. 1986: Keeley Hazel, British model. 1986: Renaud Lavillenie, French athlete. 1986: Eloise Mignon, Australian actress. 1987: Ludovic Genest, French footballer. 1987: Margarita Munoz, Colombian model, and actress. 1988: Annette Obrestad, Norwegian poker player. 1988: Giovanny Romero Infante, Peruvian homosexual journalist, and activist. 1989: Rossy Fდ©lix, Dominican fencer. 1989: Serge Ibaka, Spanish basketball player. 1990: Lewis Holtby, German footballer. 1990: Marco Pდ©rez Murillo, Colombian footballer. 1990: Cristina Ouvina, Spanish basketball player. 1990: Josდ© Ramდ­rez Agudelo, Argentine footballer. 1991: Scharllette Allen, Nicaraguan model. 1991: Bruno Hortelano, Spanish athlete. 1992: Martდ­n Antoniazzi, Argentine soccer player. 1993: Mariana Avitia Martდ­nez, Mexican goalkeeper. 1993: Patrick Schwarzenegger, American model and actor. 1995: Max Meyer, German footballer. 1995: Taylor Dye, American singer, of the band Maddie & Tae. 1996: CJ Sanders, American actor.