The Most Beautiful Side of Pisces

The most beautiful thing that you have inside you, Pisces, is what honors you the most. Now and always. The compassion that you squander for each and every one of your Pisces pores, is not of this world, really, many people do not deserve it by far, but that is why you are great, that is why you are a beautiful person, because you have compassion even with the person who deserves the most shit.

There is so much skill you waste to understand issues and situations that no one else understands Pisces ... Even if it costs you your life to understand yourself, you do everything possible to understand others, put yourself in their position and empathize like no one else.

You suffer their pain, you celebrate their joys as if they were yours and that is really wonderful. It goes without saying and citing the intuition that helps you along the way, little fish, without it, many false people would walk so free and bad through life, but thank goodness you are, to discover the truth and reward good people.

If loving your compassion were an illegal act, many people would be willing to pay for it. The compassion that you lavish on even the least deserving Pisces people should not be trampled on now or ever, seriously, it is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to someone.