What Annoys Pisces Most

We are going to tell the truth, Pisces. The truth is that you can be irritated very easily and in many ways, but there is always a very good reason behind it. Although there are times when you do do a little drama to spice up life, most of the other times you are absolutely right. Don’t let them come up with excuses and stories… because your intuition plays in another league. That annoys you a lot, that they think they can play with your mind. They don’t know what Pisces do ...

If you get irritated, it is because something they are doing to you that hurts a lot. You don’t get in a foul mood because you feel like it and out of sheer boredom, right?

People who think that you have nothing to do but get angry and not breathe out of nowhere are people with a lot of envy. It’s the truth. What delusional Pisces ... what bad people.

First of all, it annoys you a lot that they throw in your face things that are already more than footprints, that they open the drawer of shit when everything is luxurious, that they only look for conflicts and that they do not have enough decency to ask for forgiveness when it comes time to ask for it.. It irritates you a lot that they push you aside and don’t count on you. And the selfish people who only look out for their own good and who do not hesitate for a second to run over you to get what they want.

You hate hating and you can’t help being irritated by feeling that feeling inside you. But that’s what there is. It irritates you to have to bring out your darker side, but when there is no other left… you bring it out. And when you wake him up ... bad. No one is used to seeing you in that Pisces state and you know it. Deep down it irritates you, but you also like it.