What Are the Greatest Fears of a Pisces?

    Past trodden, present to the front and hell with what people can say about your actions, goals, achievements, and Pisces forms. Let everything flow; let nothing influence your mind to take over your body.

    Let your fighting spirit do its thing, let your witching instinct lead you on the right track, and put aside the people who remain, crush you, and give you nothing but pain. 

    Sweat those sorrows, enjoying every second of your life, Pisces, because there is one life, and you have to live it as you please. Point.

    What scares you the most about your near future is change. Those sudden changes come when we are at our best. You want the good to persist and not just go away like that, out of nowhere ...

    You want your future to be clean and different. You want it not to be stained by past mistakes, not to be conditioned by what you did in your past, but first of all, Pisces, you have to focus all your energy on the here and now and put the past aside. What is done is done, and right now, that is not much use; you have to go step by step on the way to your future and enjoy the present a lot, your people, what you have now, and stop living from delusions. Pisces that you dream more awake than asleep takes time from acting here and now.

    Keep dreaming, you are a very creative person and need to dream with your eyes open, but a dream to make it come true. 

    Dream to elaborate, create, and advance on your path. Do not fear what you can change, the people who will leave, what will come, or what you will leave behind because that is not the key. The key is in you, your energy, and the desire to fight, grow, learn, and mature, Pisces.