What Do Pisces Expect the Most From Others?

    Pisces mainly in his life needs people who are also sensitive as he/she is. I would not be able to get along with people who do not have feelings or who do not even show them if they do. Pisces needs people who are clear from the first moment with their feelings and who allow themselves to be loved. It is also true that Pisces is a very dreamy person who likes to create a parallel world in which to live when the real world is going bad, and being so dreamy is sometimes not as good as you think. For this reason, Pisces would also like to have people in his life who knew how to put his feet on the ground whenever necessary and when he began to rave.

    It would help if you had people with a more critical sense who know how to put Pisces in their place whenever they feel lost and misplaced.

    Pisces need people who know how to keep them in their place but who are not too strict or critical in life. It would help if you also had a bit of flexibility and space to put yourself through living life the way Pisces likes best. He needs sentimental friends who know how to give Pisces all the love he needs sometimes. Pisces needs a friendship where everything is rewarded in one way or another. You need to see how all the love that Pisces gives others is returned similarly. And when you find people who meet all these requirements, it will be when you feel complete. In short, Pisces needs sentimental people willing to love and feel loved but also have that control point that Pisces sometimes lacks.