What Do Pisces Miss in Love Relationships

A hug. A beautiful and unexpected demonstration. A tug of hair to make you mad. A tickling or hugging war that ends in passionate kisses ... The only thing that you miss a lot in your Pisces love life right now is more gestures. More affection, more demonstrations ... You know that the lack of gestures does not imply that there is a lack of affection. You know. That doesn’t mean anything, but deep down, it does affect something, because even if your partner loves you like nobody else, you want him to show you.

You know that there are people who are very introverted, cold at first, and somewhat shy. You know that not everyone is like you, you know that very few people can understand your sensitivity and your interior, but you also know that WANTING IS POWER and that with effort everything can be achieved.

You want more pretty shows, more intimate and romantic moments. You don’t want to reduce your relationship to everyday ...

You do not want the monotony and coldness to make a lot of hole in your love life. You do not want a gesture to have to be requested and that sometimes it even takes your life to receive it. For you, affection should be a mandatory gift that you have to give your partner always. Deep down you are a very romantic Pisces person and you just want to make you feel good. Possibly more silly little gestures are the ingredient your relationship is missing right now. Possibly, those unexpected hugs are the ones that raise your Pisces mood and you know it.

You want a loving relationship where there are fewer loving messages and more live and direct demonstrations. Where the TE QUEIRO are not said through a screen and are given in scoop. You want it Pisces.