What Does Love Mean for Pisces?

    What does the word 'love' mean to Pisces? Love for Pisces is everything in her life. He does not conceive of a life without love for his partner, his family, his friends, and ANY person. Loving someone for Pisces means falling in love and being reciprocated. A Pisces loves to give love; when he does, he does not do it to receive something in return. But deep down, he would like others to treat him as Pisces treat them.

    Pisces does not want love to be an exchange, but rather for each person to give what they feel and to receive what they deserve.

    But for Pisces, love means finding that person who treats you and gives you all the love you deserve. It will be at that moment when Pisces find total and absolute happiness. Pisces' love is deep and very generous; that is what he also expects from others. Although he also knows that not everyone is capable of wanting and loving with the force with which Pisces does, at least he wants there to be a person by his side capable of respecting and admiring everything that Pisces does for others. Pisces love is something that cannot be defined in words because it is everything.

    Loving for Pisces means helping people who need it, giving advice without being asked, and listening to those with problems. 

    Love for Pisces means to be there at all times for his people. Pisces wants to fall in love with someone, but that will not be the only love he will have in his life. Pisces will also love his friends, family, and everyone around him.