What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Pisces?

    When you do something bad to Pisces, you give the worst image of yourself; you are falling low and allowing yourself to succumb to a very rotten side; seriously, doing something bad to Pisces is a shame and one more reason to repent throughout the eternity.

    Pisces can be very good people, but they also know how to defend themselves and can be embraced by their darker side when defending their hearts.

    No, there are no valid fears, no excuses that can delay the moment, and no walk can ask Pisces to act. There, when push comes to shove, when the bad comes into Pisces life, the fish takes revenge and delivers the biggest and best masterstroke in its history. Very few people know about Pisces medicine, but those who have DONE it still have a certain fear and a bit of trauma because their attacks leave sequels, they stay for life and not because of their aggressiveness, but because of the way that they have to cut you off, to leave a mark on your heart ... What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Virgo? When you misbehave with Pisces and hurt their heart, karma will give it back to you multiplied by millions and Pisces, acting as a reinforcement, will make you not forget it in life. Let it be clear to you ...