What Is the Best Part of Dating Pisces

    The best thing about going out with you, Pisces, is that empathy and that charm that comes from within you. That special way you have to connect with others and feel what they are feeling at that moment.

    When it comes to understanding emotions, few people are like you, Pisces. 

    Few people in the world are capable of understanding how others do it. That empathy comes naturally to you; it comes from within your heart. You are all good, and the best is that it comes from within you; you do not force yourself to be like that to like you (as someone else does).

    You are a natural charm, Pisces; you are so kind and generous with the people you care about ...

    Being with you is an adventure that many should live on so that they know what it is to feel loved. At all times, you let that couple know that you are a person they can trust and that you will always do whatever it takes to understand what is happening to them and that they will empathize with their problems. Another of the best things about dating you, Pisces, is your huge heart. That special way of loving others, helping them, and being there for whatever they need.

    You also have your little flaws; sometimes, you are an overly sensitive person who is greatly affected by things. 

    A person who is very difficult to understand and who finds it difficult to express everything he feels. But all the good things you have to make your partner forget your flaws. Your love is one of those good things.

    You are so generous, Pisces, that if necessary, you deprive yourself of something to give to that person.

    If necessary, you cancel your plans so that you can help her and be with her. Also, you are such a detailed and romantic person that being with you is like living in a fairy tale. You do everything possible so that your partner never lacks anything. The best thing about going out with you, Pisces, is being able to enjoy all that heart that you have in there. Going out with you means meeting love in people...