What Is the Secret to Gain the Trust of Pisces?

    Earning the trust of Pisces takes a lot of work and a lot of effort. It is not as easy as it looks. That Pisces is kind, open, and friendly does not mean they are giving away their trust as if nothing else.

    Pisces has suffered a lot throughout his life, and experience has told him not to trust absolutely anyone. 

    Not everyone lives up to your confidence; not everyone is ready to enter the great heart of Pisces. The secret to gaining their trust is not being afraid to express your emotions. Pisces is very fond of transparent people, those who notice everything that happens to them in their eyes, and those who are not afraid to say what happens to them. The key to building their confidence is to be yourself at all times.

    Pisces is a super-intelligent person, super intuitive, and has a gift for knowing if someone is being sincere or not.

    He knows perfectly how to detect if someone is wearing a mask or if he is himself. If you pretend to be someone you are not, forget about Pisces, do not even try it because it will discover you immediately.

    Thanks to his experience, he has learned to read between the lines and to pay close attention to all the details. 

    So now Pisces is unwilling to put up with people who claim to be someone they are not. If you want to achieve their total confidence, remember that you must be yourself 100% at all times.

    The important thing is not to earn their trust but to know how to maintain it over time.

    And for this, you have to be a kind and generous person. For Pisces, it is very important to be with someone who knows he will be by his side whenever he needs it and will give him everything he asks for. As Pisces is very generous, he wants all his relationships to be based on 50/50 and that everything he/she gives to others, others also give to him/her.

    This is the key for any relationship to work with Pisces. 

    This keeps Pisces trusting you, betting just like you did from day one. If you are not prepared to be like this or do not know how to measure up, it is best to say goodbye to sharing a relationship with the Pisces.