What Are Pisces's Weak Points?

    We all have weaknesses, which makes us different, human, and real. But we all have our Achilles heel, that weakness from which we differentiate ourselves from others. That weakness is unique in each sign of the Zodiac. Pisces, your Achilles heel is that you are too good a person who is always at the service of others.

    You are very protective and compassionate to the point that sometimes you forget about your own needs and yourself.

    You are always looking to please everyone, always be there for others, and forget everything you are worth. You get to the point where you care more about what others feel than yourself.
    And you don't realize that others can take advantage of you. Others already know that you are kind by nature and can take advantage of everything you do for them. And you will not even realize it because you will be too aware of satisfying them all ... Besides, you are very sensitive, and they can hurt you too easily, Pisces.

    Sometimes you can even become too obsessed with pain, and you are afraid that your heart will break and you will feel alone. But, Pisces, remember that everything has a solution ...

    You must learn to be more independent and not depend much on others. Live your reality and not that of others. See so much more for yourself. Nothing happens for being so generous and helping others so much; after all, Karma gives you everything back. You must keep an eye on the people around you and know how to detect those who take advantage of you or those who need your help to move forward. Pisces, love yourself very much and admire yourself for who you have become.