What Pisces Looks for in Their Life Partner

    Your life partner should have an emotion manipulator title. To manipulate you? NO, To know what to do when your emotions get out of balance. BINGO, that's how Pisces is; you need a life partner who has his feet on the ground and knows how to give you peace when you don't have it. Someone who won't cut a hair to fight you if it's for a good reason, but who leaves room for you to make your own mistakes.

    You don't need a mentor; you don't want a teacher to tell you what to do and what not to do, Pisces; you need support, a helping hand.

    You can count on love for whatever it is, someone you know who tells you the truth and doesn't tell you what you want to hear.

    Many people go along with you and follow the role for your own Pisces purposes; that is why you need the opposite.

    You want someone who does not judge you but who does not let you fall, who does not tie you, but who does not go far from your side ... someone who knows what the meaning of the word RESPECT is and who complies with it, who takes it to Cabo ... A familiar person, a friend of his friends and very friendly.

    That person who gives you life and does not doubt, who gives you energy and not headaches, someone who gives you security and does not mistrust. 

    Someone with a lot of curiosity for mystical topics, travel, endless conversations, topics that nobody else touches, rarities, and everything that stands out for being unique and differentჴ€¦. Someone who wants more and more but also knows how to stop takes care of you but does not become dependent on you. It isn't very easy, but with you, it could not be otherwise, Pisces.