What Pisces Should Adviced in December

    Don't let the mind tell your heart what to do. Not Pisces now. If you feel like doing something, jump in, don't be left with the desire, even if that leads to giving someone or something second chances. You cannot pretend nothing has happened when deep down, there is something that is eating you inside. Therefore, it is better to remove your thorn before the end of the month, before another new Pisces stage begins: 2019.

    You have to do what you want right now to understand if it is what you have been looking for for a long time.

    No wonder why you do one thing or another.

    The important thing now is listening to a little more to your heart and understanding that you must burn all the cartridges.

    What Gemini Should Adviced in December If you feel something, it is for some reason, and if you think you should do it, you cannot stay now with Pisces's desire. Listen to your mind,  yes, but also think that the mind gives up easily, and the heart does not; the heart can crush you with an idea for the rest of your life, so, after trying, decide, and that's it ...