What Pisces Should Let Go in December

    It would help if you stopped holding on to everything.

    You are super emotional, Pisces, and unfortunately, you cling too much and create a dependency on others that does not always suit you.

    You must learn to walk alongside whoever you want, but you must also understand that you DO NOT DEPEND on anyone. 

    You are strong to understand that just because you remember some things does not mean that you cannot live without them.

    You can remember beautiful memories, situations that marked you, and people who have been very important to you.

    In short, in Pisces, you can remember many things, but you have to know how to separate them; you have to know that you can live completely happy without them. You think too much about everything, and getting your feelings out this month is okay. The problem is when that desire to hold on to something makes you miss the present. If, in the end, you have your mind somewhere else, you will end up losing it. What Excuse Taurus Gives When They Break Up With You Try to let go of those physically and emotionally catchy Pisces tendencies. Enjoy the magic of the holidays and be you if anyone has to do a little begging. That this time, it is the others who go to you.