What Pisces Want in a Relationship but Don't Ask for It

    You are willing to leave everything to be by his side, forget the past, let yourself be cared for and loved, and be a little more romantic.

    Pisces loves to love and loves love, no matter how much it has gotten scalded from other relationships. He will always be that eternal in love with life despite everything. Even though there are streaks where I'm super down and cursing everyone for fucking love, in general, it's not like that. He always believes that he will come across someone who truly values him as he deserves at some point in his life.

    Pisces are quite disinterested and sometimes too sensitive, so they tend to be nostalgic on many occasions.

    Be that as it may, when Pisces feels something for someone, no matter how much it has happened, they return to their old ways, fall in love again, and give everything again. When they fall in love, they take stock of everything; does it compensate? Does it not compensate? Still, they want to know how much they are worth and if they are worth it. Despite everything, even though everything points in one direction and IS worth it, Pisces needs to know for sure that it is worth being with that person for life.

    He wants to know that he will be able to give it his all for real, without cheating, without bad vibes ...

    Pisces is a person who tends to attract other people who take advantage, try to manipulate them, and even abuse their trust constantly.

    Although Pisces is not an idiot and knows what there is, he always thinks everything can be solved.

    Pisces will always want by their side a person capable of leaving everything for her/him.

    Not everything is bad; if not, everything can improve ... Hell, Pisces is a person who loves helping others but has also realized that many times they take advantage of it. Often, the little fish wants that person to be able to change all those toxic aspects that he has, all those traits that do not make him worthy of his heart ... He will not tell him to do so.

    They do not seem fair that others have to change out of obligation; in the end, these things always go wrong, but yes, they will keep that hope a secret. Hopefully, one day, I will.