What Pisces Will Never Do

    Now Pisces, what is it that you will never let happen? What will you never do? Incredible, but very true, because what you will never do is let the negativity you may have ended up winning the battle. Even if you are at the lowest, you will not allow it. Even if you are in the depths, in the dark, in a moment of your anger when it is all black, you will not let that be for an eternity.

    It is obvious that you are a person who needs to lose yourself to find yourself again, but that does not mean that you embrace negativity forever, and you know it.

    Yes, you are very sensitive, very sentimental, and you take many things to heart that should not be very important to you, but that does not mean that you are weak Pisces; that does not mean that you have to have a hole ready to the darkness inside you.

    On the contrary, it is very rare for you to say this, but it is the truth: deep down, you are a hulk trapped in the body of a very cute and fragile little fish.

    Life gives you surprises and surprises, Pisces life gives you, and you are one of them. You are a very pleasant and unique surprise because you always end up with things nobody expects. You will never let the bad take a niche in your life. You have more dramas than a successful soap opera, but one thing does not take away the other, and that does not mean that you are the most negative person on earth.

    You are strong, Pisces, and your emotions make you even more so. Some people repress them out of fear, but not in your case. You make them the engine that makes you get up to continue fighting daily.