What Should Pisces Do When They Need to Rest

Entering a state of maximum overwhelm and last minute stress is something quite usual for you Pisces. Being on the edge of your nerves is something that is quite familiar to you as well. Let’s say that you are the sign that would need the most breaks per week because Pisces, relaxing once and for all is a subject that always remains pending.

What to do when you feel like you need to escape the world? First, do not close yourself off or punish yourself in your own home without seeing anyone’s face from your friends.

It is obvious that to rest you need peace, but that peace can also be given to you by the people you know best. Two, don’t make other people’s problems your problems for the millionth time this year Pisces, it’s serious, just keep your responsibilities. With nobody else’s. May the rest of the world get by without your eternal help.

When you have a moment of great stress, combat it with physical exercise, with a good talk with someone who is a true friend or with something that fights it. But don’t keep it to yourself, don’t shut up, don’t let it roll into a ball and then it can’t even be swallowed ...
You have an excellent Pisces, elephant memory, the kind that you don’t see every day. So why don’t you remind yourself of what is really good for you? Set an internal alarm that goes off once a week. Let the alarm label say: PISCES, RELAX AND REST. TAKE A BREATH.