What Things You Should Know Before You Go Out With Pisces

    For many, Pisces is too emotional; for others, too soft; for some, too intense; for others, too crazy. Everyone thinks they know him, but no one does at all. These are the 11 things you need Pisces in your life for:

    They can become your best friends. 

    Seriously, even though, at times, they can be a bit unstable in many things, they are not in terms of friendship. The vast majority of Pisces have their lifelong friends close by. They are super loyal, and even if they don't have a mega social circle (which many do), their friends are always friends. If you call them in a crisis, they are the first to be there; if you need a coffee, they will be the first to take it with you; if you need to talk, they will be the first to pick up the phone ...

    They are incredibly empathetic, and their emotional intelligence is super strong.

    Many may have the typical Little Fish riding a drama in mind, but hey, you have to look further. Weirdly, she/he was the one who started it all. What happens is that it is Pisces who has the very big weapon and who, in the end, always looks like the bad guy in the movie.

    They have very good taste in music.

    Since Pisces loves to learn, so makes music. It is probably that person who sends you the best Spotify playlists, and likely that many of your favorite music groups are thanks to her/him. It is thanks to his sensitivity, musicality, and of all kinds.

    They do not like to compete with others.

    Do Pisces want to progress at their own pace, so jealous of the rest? Nothing, it will have very, very few. He is not interested in other lives; on the contrary, he is very interested in his own and will fight for his goals but will never make others stop because they have other goals and have achieved them. Pisces, in that sense, is not an envious person at all. On the contrary, he is inspired by his achievements and those of others.

    They are too emotional. 

    Although he often knows he can bring you down with a few words, Pisces will not do it unless you have done him a lot of damage, sometimes not even with those. As idiotic as it may sound, sometimes, knowing that you deserve it, keep thinking about how you will feel. And keep wanting the best for yourself.

    Pisces is super creative; come on, rarely, he is not an artist.

    They can be painters, tattoo artists, singers, dancers, writers ... Whatever they do; they are extremely good in any artistic branch.

    They will never give you a few doses of love. 

    Pisces is the complete opposite of those distant and cold people that you can come across in life. Pisces loves love, although it is also true that they have fears and insecurity on many occasions. Despite this, he will never stop giving light and love to all who need it. It does not matter to him. He seems "too soft" with everything or perhaps vulnerable to expressing his feelings. He wants to do it, which is how he feels really happy.

    They have a sixth sense to detect untrustworthy people, liars, and harmful people. 

    When Pisces tells you that you should do something (especially if that something is related to another person), do it. Pisces is not wrong; when it sees it, it is not. Heets are quite clouded with himself but all with others. With others, His words should never fall apart. Pisces fully intuits the needs of his partner, and yes, in addition to that, we add that he is a water sign, fiery and passionate, because it is very rare for someone to find a Pisces who is not good in bed. No, they won't be shy. They are passionate, and often that passion is unbridled at times.

    When Pisces love, they do it to the death of all of them and are faithful.

    That is why many times, if he is betrayed, he goes crazy. He won't do anything to hurt you, but please don't do it to him either because then the war will be served.

    Pisces is not interested. It moves by vibes, by feelings, by sensations. 

    They will not care about your money and your status. If you have light, it will come closer to you; if not, it will move away. Pisces feeds on the good vibes, the good people, the good vibesჴ€¦ And it will make your life easier.