What You Don't Know About Pisces When It Breaks

    Oh, Pisces, how little you take care of yourself when you are with many people around you and when you are in your sauce, you know it well. When you are not going through your best moment, and you feel that your surroundings are falling apart, you are very radical because either you tend to trust people more than you should trust much less, or you isolate yourself and do not say a word of what it happens to you, and you know it.

    You know it because it's the same old story; you know that when they can fail you again, you can't contain the desire to be with those people again, which is your main enemy when you don't have a good time.

    But nobody has a clue about the theater you do and how much you can get to pretend for the better Pisces; that is, you are a genius when it comes to putting on the happy mask to hide the sad one.
    That is why all those people who call you bipolar for seeing this are very hypocritical, blind, and bad people because instead of asking, investigating to discover what is happening to you and make you feel good (which is what you want, a conservation a "you're fine Pisces") instead of doing that they judge and stay wider than the mouth of a shark.
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    In Pisces, life is like that; in it, you can find very good people and rats; it is what there is, but this does not affect you and makes you immerse yourself in a state of "passage of humanity."

    People who see you with a smile but see your eyes tell the opposite are people you should keep very close to because that's how you are. You know how to get out of the way, but your eyes give you away; the look is the mirror of the Pisces soul. That type of people, yes, the interested one no more, please, no longer.