What You Want Vs What You Need Pisces

    What you want:

    In a relationship, Pisces, you want someone who makes you feel everything. Someone capable of exploring all the emotions that can happen within you. Someone who daydreams as you do and inspires you to keep dreaming. You want someone to be your muse when creating new dreams or exploiting your creativity. If love ends, someone who only makes you keep the good memories. You want a person who values your kindness and generosity and gives all you give yourself to her. But you also want someone who makes things difficult for you, a beggar and very intelligent. You want someone who lets you imagine the future you would like but also teaches you which path is best for you. You want a person with a lot of sensitivity and a little character.

    What you need:

    Really, by your side, you need a person who does not destroy your creative and emotional side. It does not break your dreams but brings a certain logic and practicality to the relationship. Someone who doesn't make you afraid to commit or make long-term plans. Someone who wants to stay in your life for a long time. Who Are Your Best Friends According to Each Sign You need a person who commits not look like something boring or monotonous but a completely new world, undiscovered, full of adrenaline and excitement. It would help if you also had understanding because your way of seeing the world is very different from others, and you need to feel understood. You need a person who wants to know you without fear, even if he has to face your shortcomings and that, in addition, he teaches you to love yourself as you deserve.