When Pisces Goes Crazy

    Pisces constantly feels their feelings so deeply, it is difficult to see Pisces angry or on the wire. Pisces has worked hard throughout his life to control his feelings, and during this time, he has experienced in his flesh what it is to be truly angry. Those experiences told him to learn to know how to control himself, but there are times when it is impossible. Pisces always try to stay calm, even when the environment is very tense, but they cannot always be peaceful. There are times when anger can and is forced not to shut up the injustices and to defend those people who are being harmed.

    Pisces often get in trouble just because they are watching someone suffer. Pisces is like the ombudsman, and then what happens happens.

    But when he does attack, he harms himself more than others. He gets angry for having endured so much, for allowing himself to be hurt, for being so good that he became a fool. Pisces will destroy himself for reasons he was not even to blame, but that's what Pisces is ... What You Want Vs What You Need Pisces After all this, it will take a long time to get back to being the person you used to be. You need time to reactivate your heart and to dream again as you did before. Pisces rarely cross the cable, and when it does, it is because something has bothered them ...