Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Pisces Sign

    Pisces, you are one of those people in danger of extinction. One of those is that from the first moment, you know you will be able to count for whatever and a lifetime. People come to you for advice, for help, for you to leave your shoulder to vent. You are like the guardian angel of the whole world, the one with whom they feel protected, with whom you know they will never feel judged, and with whom they are not afraid. But your insecurity is closely related to all this ...

    Your greatest insecurity is feeling you can disappoint the people you love the most.

    In general, Pisces, you are very insecure and sensitive. You always put yourself at the worst before it happens ... Many times, you do not believe in all your power, you do not value yourself how you deserve yourself, and that is where most insecurities arise. No matter how hard you try, you always feel like you will never be enough for others.
    You always believe that you will not give them everything they deserve and that you will not be enough to make someone happy.  Even when something goes wrong for the people you love, you blame yourself for not being there to help and support them. The slightest failure makes you feel worthless and punishes yourself for everything that has gone wrong.

    Pisces, you must begin to think that not everything depends on you.

    You cannot be that charitable soul that helps everyone; you cannot be there for EVERYONEჴ€¦ You have to start prioritizing and thinking more about yourself than others. From now on, Pisces, please try to put yourself ahead of everyone. Love yourself more, value yourself more, and believe more in yourself. You have a lot in there that is important to take care of. You have a real diamond in the rough that only you can polish.