Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Pisces So Much?

You think that nobody understands you because you have a heart of gold Pisces. Because in it, you keep many, many feelings, much more than anyone else and there are times when you think that others are only going to attack you and hurt you. Why is this happening to you? Because they have. They have played with you. They have wanted to take advantage of your good vibes and have hurt your confidence countless times. Because you have no malice and you give second chances. Because you believe in the good side of people and you like to be that way.

By your side, you don’t want friendships reduced to measly text messages. By your side, you want flesh and blood emotional support.

You want people who care about you and show up when you need it most. It is the same, because you would do the same without thinking twice Pisces. But you have to accept that not everyone is the same, and that people can change more than time. What you should not accept now or ever Pisces is the fact of being able to become a second option. Being someone’s plan B should not be among our priorities, and less fish within yours. Yes, we know that your character is not very easy either.

You are a kind of roller coaster that appears to be very calm on the outside, but then is a real time bomb on the inside.

You are not easy to understand, you are not easy to carry and much less, you are easy to overcome. Who does not want to accept all this, door. Who does not know how to channel your light, out. Point and end Pisces, because what you should not do now or ever is to think that no one loves you for who you are. If you have ever been embarrassed by your personality, let it be the last one, because you are worth so much more than anyone else. That the experiences of the past do not cloud the coherence of the present Pisces, because you deserve to smile much more. Now and always.