Why Does Pisces Fear to Fall in Love

    The prize for the most romantic heart of the zodiac is for you, Pisces, and you know it is more than enough. In relationships, you give everything; seriously, you do not leave a single iota of love or passion for showing because you love to give your all, and you fall in love with seeing that your partner loves it and gives it back. Of course, if your partner does not cooperate and at the end of everything, it is you who gives and gives and who ends up NOT receiving anything at all, things change, and it brings you an old fear that always haunts you, DISTRUST.

    You are an extremely generous heart.

    Coincidentally, you are always much more so with the person who least deserves it, Pisces; it seems that you were born with a somewhat lost radar on the subject of love that always focuses on the most dangerous and devious souls, and you know it. In other words? You always end up in love with the less suitable Pisces people; life is like that, you are a sixth walking sense for many things, but intuition is not your strongest point for love.

    Detecting lies and discovering masks you are the most, but seeing the reality in matters of love, you blind yourself; you blind yourself because you let yourself be carried away by what you feel and give yourself to the fullest, and your greatest fear is what comes next, the recovery, the trust again ...

    Deep down, Pisces, you know that you fall in love fast, trust faster, and keep doing it. It scares you, but you do it. It's kind of like people who are afraid of flying but love to skydive, crazy. You know that it scares you, you know that it can be pure and simple vertigo, but you do it because it gives you adrenaline, you do it because it makes you want and desire more and that you cannot avoid Pisces.