Why People Who Stay Around a Pisces Are the Happiest

    1. His creativity hooks, and for his world, he is passionate

    The world of Pisces runs in parallel with the real world. Pisces is very creative and can turn what comes across as a boring simple plan to turn out to be a cool, novel plan. Pisces knows you must cut a little in relationships, but you still let yourself go. Pisces dream of what they could do, the plans, and the potential that the relationship could have, and that is something beautiful. The creativity you spend in your relationships is a very fundamental pillar.
    1. Pisces is not afraid to show itself as it is

    From minute one, without shame, without fear, and any shame. On the contrary, with great pride, there is nothing better than being a Pisces and being proud of it.
    1. He will understand you; even though it is crazy, Pisces knows how to empathize.

    Pisces will want their partner to be involved in the relationship as little or even a little more, but Pisces will take all of that into account. Pisces will first ensure that his partner is 100% happy, that he is comfortable, and that he can be sure of everything. For Pisces, the comfort of both parties and transparency are very important.
    1. Their emotions will leave a mark on you, and you will want more of them.

    Pisces is a water sign, and emotions are its greatest hallmark. An emotionless Pisces in a false Pisces, no more, no less. For Pisces, a relationship is based on sharing honesty and feelings, making the union of two hearts not remain in something very beautiful that is said but not done. It may sound corny, but for Pisces, love is such a precious thing ...
    1. Pisces will always put you first.

    Without thinking, without effort, for Pisces, this is something that is born to him, and it is not something that has to be remembered. It is something that comes out naturally, without any explanation.
    1. It is a charm of natural disaster that transmits many vibes and, in the end, infects positivity.

    There will be days when Pisces see the glass half full and others when the glass is in a worrying drought, but still, Pisces comes out of wherever, whatever, and whenever. Yes, sometimes it is a little drama, and other times it leaves everyone stunned, but Pisces is like that; it has a lot of inner vitality that extends at all times.
    1. He knows how to love without prejudice and restrictions

    It does not judge, it does not discriminate, it does not make a void, and it does not give up. If Pisces stayed with you, it's for something. Because when Pisces risks for love, it is to go to the end and because Pisces, for better and for worse, is natural, and if it is with you, it is because it truly loves you. Undoubtedly.