Why Pisces Can't Let Go?

Pisces prefers to “suffer” and do everything that he can and is in his power rather than having to choose the option to LET GO . Pisces is a very emotional person, sensitive and very friendly to people who show them sympathy. What happens then? That Pisces trusts many times, more than he should and that is not fair to his heart. It is not fair because there are people who do not go with good intentions and that Pisces does not see it first. He clings to that person, to the false affection that he gives him and does not let him go.

The same happens with adverse situations, although Pisces knows that they hurt him, if he likes them, he maintains them as long as he can and more ... Throwing in the towel, giving up, or letting go are not causes for which Pisces fight. Without a doubt.

Pisces clings very strongly to all the moments lived with that person, takes over each and every one of the small details that have lived together and clings to those feelings that floated back then.

Pisces won’t let go because they don’t want to forget it, because they want a second chance and because they are afraid of failure. That is, the failure of being able to have tried again, the failure of being the person who left and said goodbye. But wait? Is letting go a failure? NOT AT ALL. Quite the opposite. Pisces thinks about it, but the reality is this: letting go, you give yourself a new opportunity, letting go, you create a new opportunity to free yourself and to detoxify your life from any negative energy that has entered without warning.

Sometimes letting go is opening up a whole new range of possibilities.